Custom Receipt Sleeves Reinforce Brand

Finalize your next sale in style with custom receipt sleeves or printed receipt envelopes. Custom branded receipt sleeves give you another personal connection with a customer and will help keep your brand top of mind post-sale. In addition, they show valued customers that you are a brand that knows the importance of focusing on every detail, large or small. Custom receipt holders provide the opportunity for one more point of brand contact delivered to the hand of each customer.

Custom receipt holders enhance customer experience 

The luxury jewelry brand Foundrae in New York is just one of the many businesses that have discovered the value of custom receipt sleeves. Corcoran Printing produced an elegant black sleeve with shimmering gold foil that is a beautiful representation of their gold jewelry line. Similarly, Cailini Coastal of California has also taken advantage of the print expertise of Corcoran Printing for custom-branded receipt holders. A beautifully designed coastal blue color sleeve, complete with a printed thank you on the inside cover, enables this popular home décor company to make one final memorable brand impression with each sale.

Custom Printed Sleeves & Holders

  • Custom-printed receipt holders
  • Receipt sleeves
  • Custom receipt envelopes
  • Gift card sleeves
  • Custom key cardholders
  • Buck slip statement stuffers
  • Specialty receipt and invoice sleeves
  • Custom printed bill holders

Die-cut receipts and cardholders 

Custom branded full color or foil embossed die-cut receipt and cardholders can provide a high-impact wow at the end of each transaction. Custom die-cut capabilities enable us to produce receipt sleeves and holders in any shape or size to fit your needs. Moreover, they can be custom designed with special folds or flaps and die-cut to a custom shape. They can also utilize specialty print effects, including foil stamping and embossing. Clearly, businesses of any kind, from retail brands to hotels and resorts, fine dining restaurants, or any service business, can take advantage of the branding power of custom receipt sleeves.

6 Benefits of custom receipt sleeves 

  1. They can be fully customized to any brand or business with a logo and information.
  2. Can be die-cut to any shape and size.
  3. Custom sleeves and holders are not only appropriate for receipts, but also gift cards, key cards, and invoices.
  4. Branded receipt sleeves encourage and increase the probability of customer loyalty.
  5. Provides businesses an opportunity to cross-brand or promote additional products or services with messaging right on the sleeve.
  6. Provides important space for contact information, promotion of social media channels, or a final message to customers.

Custom receipt sleeves can elevate any brand image

As previously mentioned above in the case of Foundrae Jewelry and Cailini Coastal Home Décor, exclusive brands realize the power of custom receipt sleeves and branded receipt holders. They can help elevate a brand to an even higher level and are the ideal finishing touch to any exclusive product transaction. Memorable and fitting of the brand and products they represent. They can also generate a smile from a customer who appreciates this final gesture in the overall purchase experience.

Customized receipt holders reflect the quality of a business

One of the greatest benefits of custom printing is the opportunity to provide something that is authentic in the representation of a brand or product line. Don’t miss an opportunity to let your brand shine after each sales transaction with custom receipt sleeves. They are a powerful marketing tool that you may have overlooked for too long. To sum it up, professionally printed custom receipt sleeves, bill holders, and give card holders can all help build your brand and enhance the overall customer purchase experience.

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