Communicate & protect with printed hotel key card holders

Hotel key card envelopes and hotel card sleeves hold and protect plastic hotel key cards. They not only help a guest to remember their room number and protect the card from damage or loss, but they also serve as an effective method of communicating with guests. Custom printed key card sleeves and key card envelopes can be printed with everything from a simple logo to full color graphics. Corcoran Printing can ensure your printed key card holder reflects the quality and image of your distinct brand.

Advertising with a hotel key card holder

A key card holder is an ideal way to advertise services in your hotel, such as dining options, bar, entertainment, spa, fitness center and more. They can also be used to advertise nearby local establishments, such as movie theaters, that can make a guest’s visit more enjoyable. Selling ad space on your printed key card envelope can provide an additional revenue stream for your hotel or resort. Local restaurants and tourist attractions may find this a valuable advertising opportunity to reach a captive audience. It’s just another item for consideration when designing your next key card holder. Your printed hotel card folder can become a miniature guide to the highlights of your area. Custom print just about anything on your hotel or resort key card holder. Inform guest of checkout time and process, provide contact information or advertise a spa special. Provide information to community activities and dining options. You can even print a QR code on your key card sleeve that integrates your print with your online presence. A printed key card envelope can provide exceptional exposure!

Custom printed key card sleeves

Your printed key card sleeve is like a mini branded wallet for your guests and customers. They can be custom printed, die cut and assembled to any shape and size. Our custom printed key card sleeves and envelopes can be printed on a range of paper and card stock thickness and textures, depending on the durability you are seeking. Some extended use, such as a membership card holder, may require a more durable key sleeve than a hotel stay.

Depending on the type of key card holder layout, you can have additional space for added design and information. Our key card products include everything from a simple sleeve to hold and protect your card, to a mini key card pocket folder, an enclosed card envelope, a tri fold key card holder or any custom die cut size and shape. Key card holders and gift card holders can be horizontal or vertical, depending on your design preferences. We can custom print and cut to meet your individual needs. Want to add a touch of elegance to your high-end resort key card? Corcoran Printing can provide foil stamp printing and embossing services as well. A quality printed luxury key card holder can enhance your overall guest experience.

Corcoran Printing products for hotels, motels, resorts & casinos include:

Printed hotel key card holders