Corcoran Printing #MatchColorMonday Pantone Possibilities

Tuesday, September 12th, 2017

Corcoran Printing #MatchColorMonday can help when looking for color ideas for your next print project. #MatchColorMonday can be found on Corcoran Printing’s Facebook and Instagram pages. Every Monday, the commercial full color and foil print team showcase a different pantone color palette. Photos are taken of the palette paired with an item that matches. Finally these colorful photos are meant to spur the design imagination.

Thousands log on to Corcoran Printing’s social media sites each week to see what creative pantone concept the print team has come up with. Corcoran Printing #MatchColorMonday has tied in national brands from General Mills and Kellogg’s cereals to Blue Diamond almonds and Skittles candy. This fresh approach to showcasing color also incorporates seasonality and current events. Follow Corcoran Printing on social media and you won’t be disappointed. You may view a sea of gummy sharks swimming among a palette of Pantone ocean blue one week. A bright summer field of wildflowers highlighting Pantone shades of yellow may spark your print imagination the next week.

This clever concept is sure to provide many ideas for your next printed postcard or brochure. Corcoran Printing #MatchColorMonday always features various shades of a certain color. Print experts also inform as to the best ways to achieve color harmony. You will get paper stock ideas, as well as foil stamp and emboss ideas. Corcoran Printing provides examples of just how easy it is to find a Pantone color to complement a photo or graphic. The goal is to create a unique look for design of a print piece that will grab attention.

Selecting a Pantone Color

Designers will quickly and easily find a particular color on the Pantone website. Simply type in a color, such as aqua, peach or pink. You will then scroll through many different shades of that color. For ease of navigating, the PMS or Pantone colors are even divided among ideas for graphic designers, fashion and interior designers, and industrial designers.

Find the most recent Pantone Color Report and also the color of the year, along with color pairing ideas. In addition, the site also has many informational articles on the use of and selection of colors. The site pairs well with the creative ideas of Corcoran Printing #MatchColorMonday. With both, you will be well on your way to selecting the right colors to make your next printed marketing piece pop.

The Use of Color in Design and Print

Color is often used to create a particular mood. Different colors can have an impact on customers. Careful attention should always be given to colors used in logos, printed postcards and printed brochures. Finally, here are some examples of how your customers may be affected by the use of the use of various colors .

  • Red is often used to convey a feeling of strength, excitement and importance.
  • Orange gives the feel of a casual energy and a bit of fun.
  • Yellow brings a mood of happiness and friendliness.
  • Green is of course the color of nature. It has an environmentally friendly look and peaceful feel.
  • Blue is often used to suggest trustworthiness, dependability and security. Blue is a color used by many brands.
  • Black can set many moods. It is frequently used to sympbolize luxury and sophistication when advertising certain products.

See Corcoran Printing #MatchColorMonday for great color ideas!

Be sure to follow Corcoran Printing on Instagram to see the #MatchColorMonday ideas every week. You can also like Corcoran Printing on Facebook for more color print and specialty foil ideas. Corcoran Printing is the printer of choice for many national brands, as well as local and regional businesses. Call a Corcoran Printing color and print expert today at 800.564.0085.





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Emotion is key element to attractive graphic design

Monday, July 22nd, 2013

Consumers are a visual breed. We are attracted by people, products and pictures that are pretty, interesting or shocking. The graphic designer’s challenge, then, when creating a poster printing campaign is to make his or her clients’ work standout.

Before a passerby will even take the time to read the content on a poster – or any other print material for that matter – they must actually notice it.

“The skill of the graphic designer is in transforming the communication goal of a product, company or campaign, into a ‘superttractive’ visual, emotional and informative message,” Damon Freeman writes on the website BizCommunity.

However, while all three of these elements are important, Freeman notes emotion to be the most critical attribute of any design. He explains that things are attractive because of the emotions they provoke in people, whether that is lust, love, happiness, anger or jealousy.

As a result, businesses should make sure that when they look to hire a graphic designer, they choose someone who intimately understands their product and how customers interact with it.

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Putting the ‘you’ in print ads

Wednesday, March 9th, 2011

According to a survey from online small business community Manta, marketing budgets will be the No. 1 priority among small businesses in 2011. While this is a good indication that the economic climate is improving and companies are willing to spend more money, it will also increase the competition for consumers' attention.

Print marketing initiatives are considered to be a more traditional strategy, however businesses are leveraging direct mail, brochure and poster printing to place a physical product in the hands of potential shoppers.

Before a company can even call someone a prospect, its marketing materials must grab a person's eye. Entrepreneur magazine says that a "truly arresting headline and visual element" will help businesses do that.

Furthermore, it needs to either communicate how it will help a reader or announce news of some sort.

"An ad that takes the 'you' point of view and tells readers how they will benefit from your product or service piques and keeps their interest. And if, in addition, it has news value ('Announcing a bold new breakthrough in moisturizers that can make your skin look years younger'), your ad has a better than fighting chance," Entrepreneur explains. 

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Consumers remember ads with well-known figures

Friday, February 25th, 2011

Small businesses looking to grab more attention with their brochure printing or direct mail campaigns may want to consider one strategy that big brands have traditionally utilized – celebrity endorsers.

According to analysis by Starch Advertising Research, ads with celebrity endorsers garner 9.4 percent higher consumer readership than those with out a well-known figure.

Additionally, the study, which looked at more than 81,000 print ads, found that entertainment celebrities were more popular than famous athletes, with entertainers grabbing 15.1 percent more readership and sports figures raising readership by 7.5 percent.

"In general, very few consumers will admit that a celebrity endorsement influences their decision to buy a product," said Anne Marie Kelly, senior vice president of marketing and strategic planning at GfK MRI. "However, in terms of helping with the first task in filling up the purchase funnel – getting consumers to read your ad – these data show that a celebrity endorsement moves the readership needle in magazines."

However, this research contradicts a study released in January that studied Super Bowl ads and found that those with a "a cute kid," an animal or were humorous had a better chance of being remembered.  

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Coffeehouse uses poster printing to display business ideals

Friday, February 11th, 2011

For small businesses looking to mix art and marketing, poster printing may be the perfect strategy, allowing them to let the creative juices flow while appealing to consumers' visual sensibilities.

Consider Metropolis Coffee Co. in Chicago, for example. As an independently-owned cafe and coffee wholesaler, Metropolis must work to appeal to its demographic of customers – hip clientele with a dedication to and love for small-batch artisan roasting, Entrepreneur magazine writes.

To help them further brand themselves and provide customers with the sort of advertisement they would appreciate, Metropolis asked Jay Ryan, a poster maker with pedigree filled with renowned musicians, to lend a hand. Per instructions, Ryan created a selection of posters that communicated Metropolis' values as a business: authenticity and handicraftsmanship.

"We're artisan in the way we do things, and Ryan's posters tie in with that philosophy. They're hand-drawn and made by a person. They're just cool. It's as simple as that," Metropolis co-owner Tony Dreyfuss told Entrepreneur.

Additionally, posters like those Metropolis invested in producing can be sold for additional profit to customers wanting to take home a piece of their favorite brand, eatery or business.

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