Leverage the Versatility of Baby Clothing Hang Tags

Shoppers are very particular when purchasing baby clothing. Whether it’s a parent of a newborn, a grandparent, or a shopper searching for children’s clothing to give as a gift, they want only the best for the recipient. If a cute onesie, a romper, or another article of children’s apparel catches the eye, the first thing a buyer will look at is the garment hang tag. If the tag looks cheap, it’s almost a certainty that the article will go right back on the clothing rack. Baby clothing hang tags are versatile, beneficial, and appropriate for any article of clothing or accessories.

Stylish clothing hang tags attract buyers

If you are looking for your posh clothing brand to stand out, the answer is custom-printed hanging clothing tags. Savvy shoppers want to see the quality in the custom tag representing a product. Clothing hang tags hold a wealth of information for shoppers. Here they find everything from size, fabric details, and care instructions to unique features and branding. Clothing swing tags, especially those on baby and children’s clothing, have become an essential ingredient to boosting sales.  They’re a finishing touch that customers can’t resist seeking out.

Customize baby clothing hang tags with stock & shape

 Specially designed and die-cut in customized shapes and sizes, hanging clothing tags can be produced using a selection of cardstock and eye-catching finishes. Whether you are selling women’s gowns, men’s golf shirts, children’s playwear, or baby clothing, Corcoran Printing is the experienced custom hang tag printer that you need to best represent your brand.

The card stock you use is a representation of the article of clothing, as well as the brand. Choose from 14 pt. or 16 pt. cover stock with a matte or gloss finish. While 14 pt. is the standard for many items, 16 pt. and up cover stock is ideal for premium products and for brands targeting high-end clientele. Duplexing up to 32 pt. can result in a truly spectacular tag.

Garment hang tags for baby clothing can be die-cut to any shape or size. Think heart-shaped for beautiful dresses, star-shaped for toddler athletic wear, or more traditional square, rectangular, circle, or oval shape clothing swing tags. Furthermore, you can also pick your placement for hole drilling.  This might include the top center, top left, or whatever you prefer. Once a custom apparel tag is produced, you can attach it in any manner you choose, from a hang tagging gun to a string attached to a button, or a small metal pin.

Leverage the glow and elegance of custom foil hang tags 

Specialty finishes including foil stamping, embossing, and debossing are a skill of Corcoran Printing. Foil garment tags and foil hang tags are most appropriate for representing premium products. If you have a special product that needs to stand out, choose a metallic foil hang tag and bring on the glow. Many different metallic foils are available, from classic gold or silver to just about any color imaginable for branding.

Custom folded garment hang tags provide added space

A folded hanging apparel tag also referred to as a booklet tag, provides four individual panels for branding and information.  The multiple panels of folded swing tags enable you to brand on the front with a logo, provide size, price, UPC, or QR code on the back and include product information, care instructions, and contact and social media information on the inside. Undoubtedly shoppers will appreciate all of the information provided conveniently in one easy-to-access location while browsing through clothing racks. Just like traditional hanging clothing tags, fold-over merchandise tags can be die-cut into any shape and size.

Custom hangtags are a versatile packaging option for your brand

  • Garment hang tags
  • Custom clothing tags and labels
  • Printed retail tags
  • Hang tags for baby clothing & children’s wear
  • Activewear clothing tags
  • Custom apparel tags
  • Die-cut hang tags
  • Folded hang tags
  • Custom fashion swing tags
  • Home goods merchandise tags
  • Accessory hang tags
  • Specialty food and beverage tags

Corcoran Printing produces stylish garment hang tags  

Our specialized print services are appropriate for brands large and small. For instance, local boutique firms such as Buka, as well as national apparel brands including Va Bien, Alix of Bohemia, and Slowdown Studio, have all found benefit in our print expertise for garment hang tags. Contact Corcoran Printing today and let us create a custom hang tag that sets your product apart.

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