Printed bottle neck tags can dress up any product

Tuesday, November 12th, 2019

Catch consumer’s eyes and stand out on any store shelf with custom printed bottle neck tags. Just like someone getting decked out in their finest necktie or a beautiful necklace. A well-designed printed bottle neck tags can spruce up the look of any product.  Hang tags are ideal for motivating point-of-purchase decisions. Die-cut bottle neck tags can be custom designed and cut to fit any bottled product. Whether you’re selling fine wine or beverages, bottleneck collars can be an affordable way to market. In addition, they are ideal for specialty foods or health and beauty products. Printed bottle neck collars are an effective way to enhance packaging for any specialty items. Custom printed bottle neck tags make a big impact on sales. Looking to build your bottled product sales? Read on.

Printed bottle neck tags can boost sales

On a shelf lined with similar products, a printed bottle necker can divert a customer’s attention to your product. Bottleneck hangers are an economical way to provide product information. Consequently, they are ideal for marketing offers. Lure customers with instantly redeemable coupons. Share recipes utilizing your product. Provide an overview of possible uses. List the benefits or advertise promotional pricing. In short, personalize the bottle collar to best showcase and sell your product.

Printed bottle neck tags come in just about any size, shape, and design. Choose single-sided, double-sided or fold over. Bottle neckers can even be designed as a multi fold-out piece. As a result, they can be mini product brochures right around a bottleneck. Best of all, a printed bottle neck tag can engage and win over new customers. Order custom printed bottle neck hangers for any product quickly and easily at Corcoran Printing.

Printed bottle neck hang tag design

Creative bottleneck hang tag designs can attract customers no matter what the product. For instance, a lovely pastel color might attract buyers to a luxurious shampoo or other beauty products. Similarly, an eye-appealing plate on a specialty food bottle collar may spur the imagination for product uses. Likewise, a beautiful Napa-look design on a wine bottle neck tag can give a glimpse into the history or origin of a wine.

Descriptive images of how to use the product can be of great benefit in the consumer decision-making process. Product recipes strategically placed right on a bottle neck tag serve as a further enhancement for a shopper. Design and print go hand in hand when it comes to customized bottle neck tags. The sky’s the limit when it comes to bottle collar marketing. Custom bottle hang tags can be printed on a varied selection of paper and card stock. Specialty die-cut and foil print can make a bottleneck tag even more attention-grabbing.

Printed hang tags are effective marketing for anything sold in a bottle

If you bottle it, we can print a custom bottle neck collar to help you sell it. Custom bottle hang tags are printed in just about any unique shape and size. Tags can be fold-out or fold down for an even lengthier piece. Printed bottle neck collars can boost sales by listing selling points, highlighting special offers and more. Likewise, the unique promotional aspect of a printed bottle neck collar can draw in a customer and help seal the deal when it comes to a purchase. Bottle tags work well on just about any bottled product. To sum it up here is just a sampling of some of the uses for custom printed bottle neck tags:

  • Liquor & wine bottle neck tags
  • Beer bottle neckers & custom growler neck tags
  • Double-sided hang tags for specialty foods
  • Folded hang tags for bottled condiments & sauces
  • Bottleneck collars for cooking oils & vinegar
  • Custom bottle hang tags for beverages
  • Single-sided bottle neckers for salad dressings
  • Folded neck hang tags for household cleaners
  • Metallic bottle tags for hair care products
  • Foil stamped hang tags for health and beauty products

Purchasing printed hang tags

Like what you’ve read? You’ve happened upon the right site if you’re in the market for a printed bottleneck tag to promote your product. Corcoran Printing is a print solution for those looking for custom printed hangtags. We produce them affordably and professionally. Further, Corcoran Printing is an expert in custom-printed bottle neck tags and other printed packaging. Moreover, we also specialize in foil stamped print. We print to your exact specifications and deliver on time and within budget. Let us help you market your wines, specialty foods, and other bottled products with a bit more character. Call Corcoran Printing to discuss printing an effective on-bottle promotion that says pick me up and look at me! Contact Corcoran Printing today if you’re looking to make a big impact without a big budget. We print solutions that help get you noticed. Learn more on our website.

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Order Printed Calendars Early for Higher Visibility

Wednesday, July 3rd, 2019

The early bird gets the worm. Similarly, early printed calendars capture the most attention.  Printed promotional calendars are still found in nearly every home and business. The earlier your branded calendar gets out to your customers and prospects, the better the chance of yours being the one most used. For instance, what’s the first thing people do when getting a new desk calendar or hanging wall calendar? They start to pencil in upcoming important dates and scheduled activities. If you’re like most, you’re jotting down meetings and appointments months in advance. That means by early fall, you’re already scheduling into the new year. You need that new calendar in front of you to be able to record those important dates. That’s why it’s so important to order printed branded calendars early for the new year. That means contact your calendar printer now.

Paper calendars are still popular in a digital age. Why?  Because they offer a visual reminder front and center. Corcoran Printing can help you stay in front of your customers for a full year with a printed wall calendar or a printed desk calendar. In addition, we can customize a calendar to your specific brand and sizing requirements. We print calendars in every shape and size imaginable.  There’s no better way to highlight your business, products and services than with a full color, custom printed calendar.

6 Reasons People Love Printed Calendars

  1. Visibility. Printed calendars can be kept where you need them and  where they are most visible. For a desk calendar that means front and center every day as you work. It’s a great in-your-face reminder of your schedule for the day, week and month. Tracking family activities and appointments on a wall calendar is just as important.  Wall calendars can usually be found in a prominent central location. In other words, a place where all family members can easily access them for a peak at upcoming schedules.
  2. Convenience. A printed calendar can help you keep everything in one place. For instance, all of your important dates and notes. Calendars also make for ease of scheduling when you’re on the phone. Especially with a printed desk calendar, it’s easy to jot down meetings and event dates as you are sitting right at your desk. No need to go in to your online calendar as you’re on a call or meeting with someone. There’s a paper calendar right in front of you.
  3. Space. There’s plenty of space on a custom printed calendar for jotting down important details of appointments and other scheduled events.
  4. Important Reminders for Next Year. Flip through a printed wall calendar as soon as you get next years to transfer over important annual dates, such as birthdays and anniversaries.
  5. Can help limit your electronic notifications. Let’s face it. While we all love technology, sometimes those electronic notifications of an upcoming meeting or other appointment can get a bit annoying. You don’t have that annoyance with a printed calendar. They’re easy to check without the electronic annoyance.
  6. Beautiful Photos. Yes, some printed calendars can be much sought after because of their beautiful design and photography. We all have our favorites, whether it’s colorful nature shots, cute puppies and kittens, or dreamy vacation destinations. Printed calendars can even be personalized to a brand, showcasing professional photographs of products or other branded images.  To sum it up, the more eye-catching your calendar design, the more use it will get. 

Order Your Promotional Calendars Soon

Don’t miss the boat on getting your printed hanging calendars or printed desk calendars out to customers early this year. Remember, it’s one of the best marketing values around. What other printed marketing piece enables your brand to be in front of your clients every day? A printed calendar gives your brand 365 days of top of mind staying power. Get an early start on your calendar printing and get a jump on the competition. In conclusion, you want to get your custom printed branded calendars in their hands first to ensure yours is the calendar that gets used next year.

Read our blog Custom Printed Calendars Provide a Full Year of Affordable Advertising or learn more about Corcoran Printing’s calendar printing services on our website.

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Are your printed cigar bands collector worthy?

Thursday, March 7th, 2019

High quality printed cigar bands with an artistic and intricate design are a cigar band collectors dream. Cigar wraps have evolved over time, but they still hold a certain mystique to those who truly appreciate the artistic beauty and individuality of them.  The collection of custom cigar rings was once all the rage and a great passion of those who truly appreciate them. According to Cigar Aficionado, American collector Joe Hruby gathered more than 216,000 cigar bands in his 70 years of collecting. In fact, Wikipedia mentions that before his collection was complete, Hruby was listed in the Guinness Book of World Records for having compiled over 165,000 distinct varieties of bands. When cigar-band collection was at its peak, some cigar companies actually gave away complete sets of bands to collectors. Another offered products in exchange for bands.

When competition in cigar manufacturing declined and less bands were produced, interest in collection in the U.S. began to drop. It remains a popular hobby in Europe today. With the print of more unique cigar wraps, this trend can easily make a come back in the U.S. After all, custom cut cigar rings that are gold foil printed and embossed can be seen as works of art. Just imaging if a new trend in cigar band collection started with a custom printed cigar ring for your brand. If cigar smokers took the time to really marvel at the work of art wrapped around your cigar. What if it was a true representation of your quality and prestige? With the right luxury cigar wrap printer, it can be.

The history of the cigar band

Legend has it that cigar wraps date back to the 18th century to the days of Russian Empress, Catherine the Great. Tales say she insisted her cigars be wrapped in silk, so the tobacco would not stain her delicate fingers. Myth goes on to say that some of her followers at the time began to wrap their cigars in fabric to imitate their queen. This tale may or may not be true.

Dutch cigarmaker Gustove Bock, an immigrant to Cuba, is actually credited with the invention of the traditional cigar band in the 1980s. He ordered paper rings with his signature placed on them put on every cigar intended for expert to Europe. The trend caught on, and by the 1850s, Cuban cigarmakers where branding their products with cigar rings as well. It is written they were registering their cigar bands with the government and advising consumers to insist on banded cigars.

Brands began to represent their cigars as regal and prestigious with designs of crests, special seals and other unique and regal representations. Some bands made in the early 1900s where supposedly printed with real gold gilt. Today, printed cigar bands continue to represent a specific brand or cigar company. Some tell the specific type of cigar as well. They have continued to be an interesting and artistic way to market and brand a cigar.

Will your cigar be judged by its cover?

There’s a good possibility your cigar may be judged by that cigar wrap that fits so perfectly around it. It communicates the authenticity of your cigar, but does it truly reflect the fine quality and luxury of your cigar brand? A foil stamped luxury cigar band is essential to enhancing the presentation of your product. Of course the flavor and aroma of a cigar is most important, but in cigar product packaging and presentation, looks do matter. Cigar wraps are a key part of the overall premium cigar experience.

At Corcoran Printing cigar band printers we make use of specialized print techniques to produce the sophisticated cigar rings your product deserves. This includes expert cigar band die cutting, custom printed cigar wraps, embossed cigar bands and gold-foiled cigar bands. Our printed cigar bands are custom cut to fit the specific shape of your cigar. We offer high quality luxury cigar band print for the tobacco industry. Learn more about our foil stamped cigar bands and printed cigar wraps on the Corcoran Printing website.  Read our blog article Five reasons your product packaging may be limiting your sales or more about enhancing your cigar packaging with Foil Stamping.

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Direct Mail Alive & Well in an Online World

Monday, February 4th, 2019

You may think direct mail is old news in todays’ techy world, but it’s not! In a mailbox full of bills, statements and letters you have an opportunity to stand out with something unique. Especially when consumers are getting tired of spam, email ads and online ads. According to the USPS the average household receives only two pieces of direct mail a day compared to 157 e-mails. Media reports of statistics from eMarketer suggest that by the end of 2019, 30% of all Internet users will use ad blockers. That number is sure to rise as consumers tire of digital ads.

Don’t let this digital world scare you away from the sales possibilities provided by direct mail. Do you remember a day that you didn’t bring in your mail and look through it almost immediately? I thought not. We all sort though our mail every day, because we don’t want to miss anything important. In addition, printed mailers have a longer lifespan than other types of marketing. This includes email and digital ads. It’s also “sticky” as we refer to marketing terms, because it sticks with your audience longer than a digital ad.

Reach your target with direct mail marketing

You may have been scared off seeing figures of mail volume going down at the USPS. Fear not, less volume actually means a greater chance of your printed postcard being seen! In reality, less volume may have a lot to do with people opting in for online bank and credit card statements, as well as online bill pay. Therefore, there’s much less clutter in all of our actual mailboxes lately, don’t you agree?

In today’s hectic world, personalization is the name of the game in reaching your target market. Direct mail is called direct for a reason. It connects you directly to your audience. It’s also so easy to personalize. According to the DMA in their DMA Response Rate Report 2018, direct mail response rates are 9% when a house list is used and 5% when a prospect list is use. This is up over 5.1% and 2.9% respectively the previous year. Industries taking the most advantage of printed marketing mailers include travel, hospitality, not for profit, publishing, financial services, casinos and healthcare. These industries have realized just how much direct mail can enhance their marketing efforts.

Printed mailers that work

  • Realtor postcards
  • Medical and Dental postcards
  • Financial newsletters & postcards
  • Retail mailers & brochures
  • Catalogs
  • Financial advisor booklets
  • Sales flyers
  • Auto dealership postcards

Even Google, the king of online advertising, uses direct mail. For instance, as a business owner, I often receive Google postcards in the mail. They use printed postcards to advertise and offer discounts on business services such as Google AdWords. Obviously Google sees the benefits of direct mail in helping them quickly and effectively reach their target market. Another surprise user of direct mail is Apple. Of course they did it in the most attention-grabbing way, sending out printed posters to specifically targeted consumers to advertise the features of a Mac.

With direct mail you aren’t just running an online ad and hoping your message hits the right person, you are actually targeting that specific group you want to reach. Still think using the good ole’ US Postal Service doesn’t work? According to Forbes, even Millennials respond to direct mail with 77% of millennials saying they pay attention to direct mail.

The right marketing mix for your business

If you are a savvy businessperson, you will want to consider integrating direct mail into your marketing strategy this year. Use it as a way to grab attention and direct people to your website or drive foot traffic to your location. Reaching your target across multiple channels of advertising can help keep your business top of mind. In conclusion, direct mail can boost ROI significantly when used as part of an integrated marketing campaign. When it is well executed, direct mail can get you the attention you need to grow sales.  

Whether you need a printed mailer for your car dealership or printed postcard advertising your new chiropractic practice, Corcoran Printing delivers professional printed direct mail pieces at a cost to fit your budget.

Tap here to learn more about our direct mail services. Read our latest blog about catalog mailers Printed Catalogs Influence Buying Decisions.

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Printed catalogs influence buying decisions

Monday, February 4th, 2019

Did your brand decide to kick its printed catalogs to the curb? In an effort to save marketing dollars, many businesses made that same hasty decision. In other words, they began to channel catalog-marketing dollars in a more digital direction. How did that decision work out? It resulted in a reduction in sales for many companies, including major brands. They quickly found themselves lost in the noise of digital advertising.

If you’re like me, you’re getting sick and tired of all of the email ads that clutter your inbox on a daily basis. For instance, I have a specific email dedicated just for things like that it’s still overwhelming. Printed catalogs on the other hand, get my attention. More and more brands are producing printed catalogs as a marketing strategy to influence purchases. According to, websites supported by catalogs yield 163% more revenue than those not supported by catalogs. You just can’t ignore that figure.

Is email advertising all it’s cracked up to be?

After a recent weekend getaway, I came home to an inbox full of ads from travel companies, retail stores, restaurants, casinos, business services, magazines, media outlets, concert venues, financial advisors, social media apps and much more. You get the picture; the list goes on and on. I’m sure you are experiencing the same type of inbox overload. It’s getting ridiculous and many of us are just hitting the delete button over and over, not even bothering to open certain emails. Many of us may have signed up for these lists to get a one time special discount or another perk. Perhaps at the time, we didn’t realize we were opting in to an endless stream of emails.

A few interesting statistics

Most noteworthy, according to the email marketing firm, Listrak, only about one-third of U.S. retail email list subscribers have actually made a purchase from the retailer whose email they subscribed to. What does that mean for businesses? Firstly, many people are subscribed to email lists that they are simply not interested in, which leads to even further email overwhelm and frustration. Secondly, they may be so disinterested, that according to statistics from Convince and Convert 21% of email recipients report email as spam, even when they know it isn’t. In addition, 17% of Americans create a new email address every 6 months. Think they’re trying to run and hide from inbox clutter?

It’s getting the same way with digital ads for me as it is for emails. Similarly, it’s just an overload of ads all the time. I scroll through social media and it’s a stream of ads. I’m online and there are pop up ads. Although we are stuck to our smartphones like glue and constantly connected, are we really taking the time to look at all those digital and social ads? I know I don’t pay as much attention as I used to.

Printed catalogs can be the secret to sales success in 2019

So what does get my attention? Mail. Yes, good old-fashioned mail delivered right to my mailbox. When it’s in my hand, I’m definitely going to take the time to look at it.  And, I love a good printed catalog. I enjoy relaxing on the couch, sipping a cup of coffee and flipping through a catalog. For example, I read though home décor catalogs to get inspiration for home remodel projects and holiday decorating. I browse through retail clothing catalogs to see the latest styles.

At times, I will leisurely flip through specialty catalogs to get entertaining or recipe ideas. If I see something I like, I’ll go online and make a purchase or make a trip to a store. In fact, that actually happens quite often. Sound familiar? If the catalog has a beautiful magazine style cover, it may even grace my living room table for months or more. That’s a lot of staying power in the world of marketing.

Retailers are taking note and companies are printing catalogs to cut through email clutter and social-media overload. Certainly, a printed catalog can differentiate your brand. It helps make a deeper connection with consumers and sustain existing customer relationships in a way that email and other digital advertising can’t. Studies have also shown that printed catalogs and other direct mail are more memorable than email and digital marketing.

Statistics from the USPS report Catalogs: Trends and Updates

  • 84% of consumers have purchased an item after seeing it in a catalog
  • 71% of consumers responded that catalogs have an influence on their purchase decisions
  • 66% responded that a catalog has influenced them to go online to a store’s website to purchase an item
  • 84% of consumers enjoyed getting catalogs from retailers they previously shopped
  • 70% enjoyed getting a catalog from a company they were familiar with, but never purchased from

These statistics are extremely encouraging for brands taking advantage of printed catalogs. However, those who have done away with their printed catalog budget should take note. Here are two other interesting statistics from USPS research related to catalogs. A person spends an average of 15.5 minutes looking at a catalog and keeps it for an average of 20.3 days. When was the last time you spent 15.5 minutes looking at an online or email ad? Finally, 25% of consumers actually responded that they wanted more catalogs with their mail! Not printing a catalog? Well it may be time to start.

Brands jumping on and off the catalog bandwagon

Although we may not stop to take the time to look through a catalog the minute it gets delivered, chances are great that we will put it aside and look at it when we have time as I always do. It sticks around, unlike an email ad that gets deleted. That’s why brands continue to use printed catalogs as way to drive web traffic and retain customers.

Many consumers will still make online purchases, but they’ve been encouraged to make those purchases by printed product catalogs that direct them to a website. Interestingly, even Amazon jumped on the catalog bandwagon with its recent printed holiday catalog. In an effort to pick up former Toys “R” Us shoppers over the holiday season, Amazon printed full color catalogs that consumers could either get delivered by mail or pick up at a Whole Foods store. Imagine that. One of the largest online retailers in the world and they print a catalog.

The Victoria’s Secret lesson

Just what happened to that famous Victoria’s Secret catalog many of us loved? In an effort to redirect marketing efforts, Victoria’s Secret made a decision to do away with its popular catalog. According to media reports, the catalog had a circulation of nearly 250 million. Yes, you heard me correctly. That’s a lot of lingerie consumers to ignore. The elimination of its catalogs and direct mail promos, combined with leaving the swimsuit and apparel market, resulted in a huge decline in sales and earnings. Victoria’s Secret continues to struggle with sales as more and more women have trouble identifying with the brand. How much did ditching the catalogs contribute to the decline? It’s hard to tell, but choosing not to get your product in front of 250 million consumers on a regular basis obviously hurt. You know the old saying, “out of sight, out of mind.”

Catalogs can open those virtual doors

In conclusion, a printed catalog is a very effective way to direct consumers to your website. Moreover, it’s a great tool for enhancing brand perception for your business or products. Most importantly, a printed catalog influences purchases decisions. Need another perk? ROI is easy to track when it comes to catalogs through the use of unique sales codes and special promotions. Instead of pondering why print a physical catalog in a digital world, ask yourself why not? In short, cut through the clutter with a printed, full-color catalog. Learn more about printing a catalog at Corcoran Printing, an experienced commercial catalog printer. Learn about the benefits of direct mail on our blog Direct Mail is Alive & Well.  

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