Cigar & Cannager Box Examples

Cigar / Cannagar Boxes

Get attention with custom cigar and cannagar boxes

A cigar is widely known to be the most stylish tobacco product.  Increasingly, Cannagar companies are also jumping straight into a high end consumer market where brand differentiation is everything. In order to stand out from competitors, manufacturers need luxurious cigar and cannagar boxes with every design detail thoughfully considered.

Custom cigar and cannagar boxes make a BIG statement about the quality of your product.

Accordingly, we offer the best quality materials for our custom-printed and die-cut cigar or cannagar boxes. Our design team can provide contemporary designs of unmatched style in a size that fits both your marketing needs, and your budget!

Cigar Box Samples

With our extensive commercial cigar box print capabilities, we can help you showcase your cigar brand with distinct style.

A Cigar or Cannagar Box as Unique and Luxurious as Your Product

You’re in a competitive industry where branding is important. As such, success may be based on your cigars  standing out as distinct among your competitors through it's packaging. Think of your custom cigar or cannager box as your first impression, both with retailers and with consumers.

Consumers make a lot of last minute purchasing decisions with their eyes (as do savvy retailers), so standing out amongst your competition can truly be an essential business advantage.

There is a huge market for cigars, cannagars, and CBD oil products worldwide, and it only seems to be growing. Make your best first impression with a custom designed cigar or cannagar box today!

Our specialty print products include:

  • Specialty cigar boxes
  • Custom CBD packaging boxes
  • Custom cannagar packaging boxes
  • Printed vape boxes
  • Highly personalized cigar packaging
  • Foil-printed cigar boxes
  • Foil embossed cigar packaging
  • Cannabis cigar boxes
  • Die-cut cigar boxes
  • Vape boxes
  • Cardboard cigar boxes
  • Luxury packaging boxes
  • Herbal cigarette boxes
  • CBD oil boxes
  • Custom cigar packaging
  • Cigar bands & cigar rings
  • Cigar wraps
  • Gold foil print
Cigar Box - Foil Stamp Detail

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