Purrrfectly Affordable Printed Pet Product Packaging

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2018

Looking to save money on printed pet product packaging? Then it’s time to think outside the traditional box. Header cards, backer cards and insert cards are all affordable ways to enhance the shelf appeal of your pet product packaging. Your first step is to find an experienced retail packaging printer who can provide quality work at an affordable price. When selecting pet product packaging, it’s always important to remember that the quality of the printed packaging is a reflection of the quality of the product. Corcoran Printing is an east coast printer that provides affordable printed product packaging for the pet industry and other industries. Corcoran can provide high quality economical packaging that will help you engage pet product consumers and sell your products.

Cost-effective printed pet product packaging

  • Header Cards
  • Paper backer cards
  • Die cut hang tags
  • Hanging bag toppers
  • Labels
  • Paper header card with hang hole
  • Folded header card
  • Die cut printed insert cards
  • Packaging insert cards

Pet Product Header Cards

Printed hanging header cards affixed to merchandise bags are one of the most cost-effective ways to showcase your pet products. A well-designed header card not only catches the eye, but also provides great product visibility. Header cards are custom designed to fit your unique pet packaging needs and can be printed in almost any size. Once printed, they are cut to size and scored for ease of folding. In additional to being very functional, a hanging header card provides great visibility when your product will be hanging on a display. Best of all, header cards are affordably priced and can be produced quickly. Low cost does not mean low value when it comes to a printed header card. It may be the right solution for your retail packaging needs and your budget.

Pet Product Hang Tags

A hang tag is just what you’d think. It’s simply a tag that hangs from a pet product. A hang tag works well on durable pet products, such as leashes, harnesses, pet clothing, plush toys, chew toys, tug toys, pet shampoo and more. A custom printed hang tag can be die cut to any shape and size. They can be as extravagant or simple as you choose. A foil stamped hang tag on a luxury pet item can be very impressive in a simplistic way. An elegant hang tag can really showcase a high-end product. Depending on the design and special effects, a hang tag can be an extremely cost effective method of packaging for pet products.

Printed Pet Product Backer Cards

Like a hang tag, a printed backer card works well with items that are durable. It’s important to remember that the pet product will be exposed when considering the use of a backer card for packaging. Think the big chew bone zip tied to a hanging backer card, the dog collar on a backer card or the pet grooming brush attached to a backer card that you may have seen in a pet store. Backer cards are perfect when you want a consumer to be able to touch your product, such as a pet toy that squeaks.

Printed Insert Cards

Insert cards are an integral part of many pet product packages. They’re ideal for things such as clear cartons, clamshells or even plastic sleeves. They refer to the printed card that sits inside a clamshell or other type package that identifies the product and provides information of interest to the consumer. Insert cards can be die cut to fit the specific size and shape of a clear carton. They work well for so many different types of products, and just like header cards, can be very cost effective.

Four tips for selecting the right type of printed pet product packaging

  1. First and foremost, you want your pet product packaging to fit your brand. Your packaging should look consistent across all of your products. This is important even if you’ve chosen different packaging for different items. Be sure your brand remains consistent. Remember, your packaging is an in-store ad for your product and your brand!
  2. Second, know your audience. Is it a youthful demographic that wants to see more sustainable looking packaging, a target that is looking for the best deal, or a demographic that wants to see more luxury? Understanding your audience will enable you to focus on the right packaging solution from the start.
  3. Third, be familiar with your competitors’ packaging. If your product is hanging in a crowded pet store aisle filled with similar products, you’ll want to be sure to stand out for all of the right reasons. You want your items purchased first!
  4. Finally, know your budget. Price needs to be a consideration when creating packaging. You don’t want a luxury, foil stamped header card for a very low cost item. On the other hand, you don’t want a one-color, cheap looking hang tag for an expensive, more select pet item. The packaging should fit your budget, as well as the item you are selling. Another important consideration, the cost of the packaging should not dramatically impact the retail cost of the item.

Get a quote for your printed pet product packaging

Your pet product packaging may be your first interaction with your customer, make it count! Corcoran Printing can help with design planning as well as print of your next packaging project. Our pet product packaging solutions are available in a variety of paperboard stocks to best fit the weight of the product and the individual packaging design. Our intricate die cut technology enables us to provide custom shapes, perforation and sizes, as well as multiple hang holes. Really want to impress? The use of eye-popping colors, bright graphics, custom foil stamping or embossing can all help your product stand out to consumers. Contact Corcoran Printing for affordable, easy packaging solutions for you’re your retail products.

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Foil stamped jewelry tags enhance the Cuffed By Nano brand

Tuesday, June 19th, 2018

We’d like to showcase a very special client and their foil stamped jewelry tags on our blog this month. Cuffed By Nano is an independent jewelry & accessories company. They focus on designing pieces that inspire and empower.

Processed with VSCO with c6 preset

Their stamped cuffs and other jewelry motivates and engages wearers with fun and impactful phrases. Sayings such as “just be yourself, be present, make shit happen, goal digger, good vibes all day” are meant to inspire the wearer. The brand enables one to showcase their personality simply by wearing this creative selection of stamped jewelry.

Stamping is exactly why Cuffed By Nano came to Corcoran Printing. Hot foil stamping to be exact. The company wanted to upgrade their jewelry packaging. The end result was chic gold foil stamped jewelry tags that better fit the brand. Since the jewelry showcases phrases stamped into metal cuffs, the gold foil stamp on a jewelry tag was a natural fit. Fun sayings that tie into the playful nature of the brand were hot stamped in gold foil. Three different jewelry tag sizes were designed and printed to fit various products. The look of the hot foil stamped jewelry tags is stylish and playful, yet understated, just like the brand.

Corcoran Printing provides jewelry packaging solutions to many independent jewelry companies across the country. Corcoran custom prints everything from die cut earring cards and custom necklace display cards to custom die cut jewelry cards and custom foldover jewelry cards. They also specialize in foil stamped jewelry hang tags, die cut jewelry pillow boxes and other printed jewelry display cards and packaging.

Cuffed By Nano enables customers to aid children in Haiti

According to their mission, Cuffed By Nano is dedicated to making a difference in our world by donating a portion of each purchase to educating and feeding needy children. In partnership with Hands Together of the Palm Beaches, they donate funds toward providing a better education and improving the nutrition of children in need at a school in rural Haiti. The program is referred to as #BUYONEGIVETWO. For every jewelry item purchased, they donate 1 week’s tuition + 1 meal to kids in need in Haiti.

Processed with VSCO with c6 preset

CEO and founder of Cuffed By Nano, Nano Anderson, started creating her bracelets as a hobby. A budding entrepreneur, she toyed around with stamping letters onto metal cuffs as a way to express herself. Anderson’s hobby quickly evolved into a thriving business that enables her to help others express themselves through jewelry. It also allows her the opportunity to give back to those in need. Anderson was inspired to give back by her mom. She heads up Hands Together of the Palm Beaches. The volunteer organization promotes health awareness, runs medical clinics and helps to build and staff schools in rural Haiti.

Anderson not only contributes to the cause, she also travels to Haiti to volunteer and see first hand how the donated funds are helping children. Her business model enables her customers to buy something knowing that their purchase is helping to make a difference in the world. Companies that incorporate charity into their business model and are socially responsible are very attractive to today’s selective consumers. This is just another reason that Cuffed By Nano is so successful in a very competitive industry.

Cuffed By Nano is dedicated to making fun and unique jewelry for the independent adventurous babes of he world. They took innovation to the next level with their new gold foil stamped jewelry tags. Visit www.cuffedbynano.com to view their selection of necklaces, chokers, rings, cuffs and key chains. They also offer customized engraving on many of their pieces to personalize thoughts. An exclusive bling bar even allows customers to personalize necklaces. These options to personalize can help to provide pieces that are more meaningful to the individual wearer or as gifts.

Processed with VSCO with c6 preset

Do you need a jewelry tag printer?

Click to learn more about printed jewelry packaging solutionscustom foil stamping or foil stamped jewelry tags at Corcoran Printing. Read more about jewelry packaging and other packaging on our blog. http://corcoranprinting.com/news/


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12 Months of Resolutions for the New Year

Friday, January 5th, 2018

There’s no better way to ring in the New Year than with a plan for self improvement. We can accomplish this by making and keeping some resolutions. Probably the most common New Year’s resolution for many of us over the years has been to get in better shape by eating healthier and exercising more. That’s a great resolution, but we don’t always keep it. Oftentimes we set unrealistic goals for ourselves and end up giving up in a month or two. It’s sometimes better to set smaller goals that may be easier to achieve. Setting monthly goals may help you to keep your resolutions for the entire year and develop great habits that may improve your life. Here are some resolutions that just may make you a bit happier this year.

January – It’s time to pay down your credit card bills

We all overspend during the holidays and end up with a stressful mountain of bills to deal with in January. A great resolution to start the year is to work on paying off your debt this month. You may have to tighten your belt a bit for a few months, but you’re sure to feel better once it’s paid off.

February – Make time for a friend you haven’t seen in awhile

You can cheer both yourself and a friend up with a visit or a call. Is there someone you wish you had more time for? If so, make some time this month. It’s even better if you reach out to someone who may be a bit lonely or sad.

March – This is a great month to volunteer

There are so many worthwhile organizations that need our help. Whether it’s your local SPCA, soup kitchen, non-profit children’s organization or a national charity, donate some of your time this month. It can be as easy as giving blood at a Red Cross blood drive, volunteering to read to a child or spending the afternoon delivering meals for Meals on Wheels.

April – De-clutter your home or apartment

If you’re like me, you’ve built up a winter full of junk that’s just sitting around taking up space. This is the perfect month to toss out what you don’t need. Go through your closets and fill bags to donate to Goodwill or the Salvation Army. Your clutter may be someone else’s treasure!

May – It’s time to earn something new

Is there something new you’d love to learn? Take a cooking class, begin to learn a language, take a photography class, try a new exercise class or try a craft. Local community colleges, craft stores, art shops and fitness centers offer a wide variety of personal enrichment classes. You’ll not only learn something new, but you’ll also make friends with similar interests.

June – Start a journal

The beginning of summer is a great time to start a journal. This is the month to begin to write down your thoughts each day. Who knows, it may even lead to blogging. It’s a great way to remember the positive things that happen every day and also something that can eventually be handed down to children and grandchildren. Begin by chronicling your summer fun.

July – Plan an adventure this month

What’s on your bucket list? Run a 5 K or half marathon, try waterskiing, hiking or if you’re really brave, skydiving. Not into that much intensity? Spend the day at a waterpark with your kids or treat your spouse to a romantic picnic.

August – Read a good book

We all feel a bit lazy during the dog days of summer. It’s a great time to catch up on your reading. Want to feel like a kid again? Stop by your local library to borrow a book. No time, just download a book and enjoy a great read as you cool off in the shade of a tree or by a pool.

September – Complete a home improvement project

Apply a fresh coat of paint to your kitchen, remodel your dated bathroom, organize your garage, or simply purchase new sheets and a comforter to freshen up your bedroom. Autumn is approaching and a little home improvement will brighten your days.

October – Treat yourself this month

Maybe you would enjoy a day of mani’s and pedi’s with the girls or fishing with the guys. Be sure to do something that really makes you happy this month. It could be getting the whole family together for Sunday dinner or enjoying a movie in the theatre. Your goal is to put a smile on your face.

November – Prioritize the people that matter the most

The holidays are coming and you’re being torn in a million different directions. How will you have time for everything? Remember, you don’t need to do everything; you just need to spend time with the people who are most important to you. Turn off your cell phone and other mobile devices and really concentrate on your loved ones. Talk, listen and learn from each other.

December – The holidays are a perfect time to start a new family tradition

It might be getting your family together to bake grandma’s famous cookie recipes or another favorite recipe. Maybe it’s taking some time to give back as a group, like shopping for gifts to donate to a local charity or for toys for tots or volunteering as a family at your local food bank. It could even be introducing a favorite tradition from your childhood to your children, like driving around town to look at the holiday lights. Whatever it is, be sure to do it together as a family.

Your friends at Corcoran Printing hope this New Year brings you much happiness. Resolutions that include adding something new to your life each month will help you realize new dreams and goals throughout the year.

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Digital clear varnish technology new at Corcoran Printing

Friday, September 22nd, 2017

Print customers can now get digital clear varnish technology and more digital print capability at Corcoran Printing. Through new technology, the Wilkes-Barre printer can also digitally print white ink on a dark paper. Corcoran Printing has been providing customers with quality printed pieces for more than 75 years. The new Heidelberg Versafire CV features innovative laser technology. This results in very high-resolution images. Furthermore, Corcoran Printing can print digitally at faster speeds than ever before. Versafire CV has a maximum speed of printing up to 90 letter pages per minute. Printed pieces are produced digitally with superb quality. Most noteworthy, this is currently the only digital printing press in its class to print white or varnish as a full area or spot color.

Digital clear varnish technology

Corcoran Printing’s newest Heidelberg press prints in full color. It can also incorporate an additional spot varnish. All done digitally, this allows for smaller print quantities. Clear gloss varnish can fully coat an image or just specific parts to be highlighted. Digital clear varnish technology will help to produce sleek and sophisticated printed marketing pieces.

White ink printed on dark paper stock

Digital print customers can now market with designs that incorporate white ink printed directly on a dark stock. This is a very popular option for chic looking business cards. White ink on dark paper is also ideal for elegant printed packaging . This includes items such as jewelry cards and printed jewelry tags. Corcoran Printing did not have this capability digitally prior to the investment in the Heidelberg Versafire CV.

Printing on larger and thicker paper stocks

Corcoran Printing’s new press will also allow for digital print on larger paper formats and thicker stock. More packaging materials can now be printed digitally. The digital printing of thicker business cards and other printed promotional items is possible as well. The press prints larger formats, with digital sheet size capability now 12.99 X 27.55. This is especially relevant as it enables posters and six-page signatures to be produced more cost effectively in shorter runs.

Optimized print sharpness

Unrivaled print clarity is a feature of Corcoran Printing’s new press. 1,200 X 4,800 dpi lasers and ultra-fine toner particles produce ultra-sharp images and text. Gradations are smoother and hairlines are thinner and more detailed.

Digitally printed products

Many items can be printed on the new Versafire CV at Corcoran Printing. Take advantage of the new digital clear varnish technology for these products and more:

  • Thick business cards printed with white on dark or a spot varnish.
  • Digitally printed packaging, including printed candle tags, printed jewelry cards and jewelry tags, printed clothing tags and clothing labels.
  • Digital printed program booklets
  • Printed short run brochures
  • Digital printed mailer inserts
  • Printed labels
  • Digitally printed posters
  • Digitally printed flyers
  • Printed note cards
  • Thank you cards
  • Printed stationery

Contact Corcoran Printing today

Learn more about our new digital clear varnish technology in addition to products that can be printed on our new Heidelberg digital press by calling 800-564-0085. For information on all of our products, visit www.corcoranprinting.com. Learn more here about our foil stamping and embossing print capabilities.


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Stay in front of your customers 365 days a year with a custom printed calendar

Thursday, October 8th, 2015

Everyone loves a new calendar. Desk calendars in particular are a fantastic way to market your business with existing customers and new prospects. Most people consider a calendar a gift rather than a promotional piece, thus differentiating it from a standard brochure or flyer.

A custom printed calendar will also increase customer loyalty by helping to keep your clients organized and keeping your brand front and center every day. There are very few promotional opportunities that remain visible for a full year. Each page of your custom calendar will enable you to highlight different products and services, showcase seasonal sales, and advertise special offers.

We have been printing and delivering Corcoran Printing desk calendars to our customers and prospects for years and they are always a highly anticipated gift at the end of each year. We’ve featured an array of designs over time, from scenic landscapes to seasonal photos, and have even encouraged customer participation in our calendar through the submission of pet photos for a pet calendar. We’ve also taken advantage of the calendar to advertise our list of services on each page, and found it to be a very effective marketing tool.

Custom calendars can be a great way to promote your brand through a variety of designs that fit your business and your customer base. They can be designed and printed in an array of styles and sizes, from large desk calendars to various sizes of wall calendars. You are sure to find a calendar style to fit your marketing and printing budget.

Benefits of a custom printed calendar

  • Increased brand visibility – Keeps your brand in front of customers every day for an entire year.
  • With the use of great photos and artwork, a calendar will be a welcome business gift.
  • Calendars are versatile and practical. They are an ideal form of quiet advertising. Your customer is exposed to your brand, but they aren’t aggressively sold in any way.
  • Enables you to effectively reinforce your brand and cross sell different products and services each month.
  • Calendars are a cost effective way to market all year, with only one annual investment.

Custom calendars are an effective marketing giveaway for any business. They are a budget-friendly way to promote your business every day. Begin planning your calendar now, so they can be delivered to your customers by the end of the year.

At Corcoran Printing, we can design and print a custom calendar to fit your business needs and keep your brand in front of your customers for an entire year. Call 1-800-564-0085 or visit the Corcoran Printing Calendar Page today to get started.



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