8 important reasons to send business holiday cards

Tuesday, October 27th, 2015

We all examine our holiday budgets this time of year looking for cost cutting opportunities. If you are a business focused on building goodwill with your customers and reaching important prospects you definitely do not want to remove holiday cards from your marketing budget. A printed holiday greeting card is an affordable way to market your business and show customers you are thinking of them this holiday season.

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Here are 8 great reasons to print a corporate holiday card

  • It’s a perfect way to thank your customers for their business over the past year and let them know they are truly valued. There’s nothing more important than thanking your customers, clients, vendors, community partners and prospects.
  • Printed corporate holiday cards mean much more to the recipient than a digital card. They prove you value your customer relationships enough to have your cards professionally printed. People love receiving cards in the mail.
  • Printed holiday cards are a great opportunity to brand your business.
  • Professionally printed corporate holiday cards are an ideal way to market your business in a very personal manner during the holiday season.
  • A printed holiday business card gives you an opportunity to reconnect with customers and others you may have lost touch with.
  • Well-designed and professionally printed holiday cards make a lasting impression on recipients. The impression you will leave on your customers will outweigh the cost.
  • During a busy holiday season filled with endless advertising, it will ensure that your message gets directly into your customers’ hands. A holiday card is sure to get opened and kept throughout the holiday season.
  • Eye-catching printed holiday business cards enable you to strengthen your relationships.

holiday cardAs this year comes to a close, remember that a printed holiday corporate card is a great investment in maintaining customer loyalty and thanking those who have supported your business or organization throughout the year. Now is the time to start planning your holiday corporate card to ensure it is printed and in the mail in time for the December rush.

Corcoran Printing can help with all of your business holiday card needs, from design and color printing through direct mail services. Our full color printing, embossing and foil stamping will ensure a professional, high-quality holiday card that will make your brand stand out from the competition and get noticed.

Call the holiday business card print experts at Corcoran Printing today at 800-564-0085 or visit us online at http://corcoranprinting.com/.


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Pennsylvania printer recommends driving traffic to your website with a printed catalog

Tuesday, May 19th, 2015

If you are a retailer or manufacturer looking for a way to increase sales, a full-color printed catalog of your products might be your answer. Retail giants have realized the value of catalog marketing in a digital age in driving web traffic and sales. After eliminating their catalogs, and seeing a reduction in customers as a result, J.C. Penney’s recently brought back its print catalog in an effort to increase sales, according to CBS News. Land’s End saw a similar decrease in sales after reducing the number of catalogs they mailed. CBS reported that most catalog readers spend more money, both online and in the store.

Other retailers have transformed their catalogs, both visually and in terms of content, to enhance the overall customer buying experience. Some now look more like eye-catching coffee table magazines, offering valuable information for the consumer, such as decorating tips and even recipes. They have become much sought-after sources of inspiration and information for the reader, and more importantly have succeeded in increasing website traffic and sales for many retailers.

Today’s most successful direct mail printed catalogs incorporate stylish color photos and some even tell stories. They succeed in catching a shopper’s eye catalogs-flyersand encouraging that important online visit to make a purchase. They are even driving traffic into stores to get certain items that might be featured in the catalog. According to the American Catalog Mailers Association (ACMA), 90 million Americans shop from catalogs, with consumers spending an average of $850 per year on their catalog purchases. The ACMA also found that 58% of consumers look at catalogs as soon as they arrive in the mail. If you are retailer, I’m sure you know that getting a piece of this catalog action can help to increase your sales.

Professionally printed catalogs, such as Williams-Sonoma, Anthropologie, Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware have all focused on improving the look and content of their catalogs. Williams-Sonoma offers recipes and cooking tips, while Pottery Barn and Pier One provide seasonal decorating tips featuring their many products. It’s also enabling retailers to enhance their brand and stay in front of their customers for a longer period of time. Even digital retailers, such as Bonobos and Birchbox, are using catalogs to drive traffic to their websites.

Retailers and others mailed 11.9 billion catalogs in 2013, according to a research by the Direct Marketing Association. This was an increase after years of decline in catalog marketing. Retailers such as Athleta and Victoria’s Secret travel to beautiful locations for photo shoots, showcasing their products in dream destinations that that offers an escape to consumers that flip through their full-color catalogs and truly enhance the customer shopping experience. These professionally printed catalogs and others are building a real connection between customer and retailer.

An article in The Wall Street Journal quoted Bonobos VP OF Marketing as stating that 20% of the website’s first time customers are placing their orders after having received a catalog and are spending significantly more than new shoppers who did not receive the catalog. You can’t argue with these results when looking for a way to increase your sales and expand your customer base.

The most successful brands going into the future will be those that recognize the value of integrating various forms of marketing into their plan. This includes printed catalogs and other direct mail marketing pieces, combine with their social media and online marketing efforts. It’s all about a better customer experience diecutand developing a stronger bond with your target market.

Benefits of a direct mail printed catalog

  • Develop a closer connection with your customers and stay top of mind
  • Drive visitors to your website – Print is a driver of online behavior
  • Build sales
  • Track ROI
  • Better targeting of customers and prospects
  • Keep in touch with customers to get them beyond that initial purchase
  • Enhance the overall customer buying experience
  • Allows you to better express your brand
  • Has a much longer shelf life than other advertising
  • Will keep a customer’s attention for a longer period of time than other forms of advertising

Five Tips for creating a more effective printed catalog

  • Invest in an eye-catching, colorful design
  • Showcase your products with beautiful color photos and other visuals
  • Provide editorial content focusing on a reason to buy – offer recipes that utilize kitchen equipment or food items you are selling, offer landscaping tips and sample projects that utilize flowers, gardening or landscaping materials you sell, provide fashion tips and suggested pairing for your clothing and accessories or offer design tips that utilize your home furnishings
  • Provide a strong call to action to drive people to your website or store with your printed catalog- provide coupons and QR codes
  • Track effectiveness of your printed catalog through offer codes

A professionally printed, color catalog offers a window into your brand. Take advantage of this effective marketing method to increase sales and develop a closer relationship with your customers. Other direct mail printed marketing materials, including flyers, postcards and booklets also work well to keep you top of mind with your customers and drive business to your website or store. The catalog printers at Corcoran Printing can help you with your next printed catalog project. Call 800-564-0085 today for an estimate on your catalog printing or other direct mail project or visit Corcoran Printing.


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You’re in a competitive market, it may be time for a more effective business card

Wednesday, August 20th, 2014

Bill-CorcoranMany companies put a lot of time and energy into designing and printing creative and eye-catching brochures and postcards, but are still using cookie-cutter business cards to promote their employees and their business. Considering that business cards can be one of your most valuable marketing tools, the focus should be on putting your best foot forward with this initial impression.

Exchanging business cards at networking events and using them as a way of introduction to prospects, both in person and through the mail, is still an important marketing practice. Your business card needs to make a lasting first impression to establish a strong connection with the recipient.

While business cards were traditionally used just to provide all of your basic contact information, your card needs to reflect you and your business, and today’s business card designs are taking creativity to a whole new level. The use of various printing techniques and different types of paper are helping to create unique business cards that are both memorable and effective.

Paper has become a major factor in the design of an unforgettable business card. In addition to various textures and colors, paper weight is also coming into play more than ever when printing business cards, with a trend towards a much thicker stock. Many business cards may look cool, but how do they feel? Do they stand out in a pile of standard business cards? Add a little texture to the heavier weight, and your card will feel like a winner. A heavy linen, parchment or laid card stock, which has slightly lifted horizontal lines creating a ribbed and textured effect, can turn an ordinary business card into something extraordinary.

You don’t need to stick to traditional paper for printing your business card either. Many other materials are being used to create cards that are distinct, such as a clear plastic card, magnetic stock or even the use of cardboard or recycled paper to show a greater focus on the environment.

You can also make your business card stand out in simple ways as well, such as using vertical orientation and possibly a black background, which will really make it noticeable in a sea of white. One printing technique that is sure to be utilized more and more by companies looking for ways to distinguish themselves is die cutting. At Corcoran Printing, we’ve utilized our die cutting expertise to create business cards in all shapes and sizes for an array of clients. From rounded corners, circles and ovals to custom-made logo dies and every shape in between, this printing technique is a great way to customize your card and ensure it stands out from the competition.

Foil stamping, embossing, and soft touch or UV coating are just a few more techniques that will help you produce a one-of-a-kind business card. We recently used a copper color foil on a card with a black background to create a truly memorable look. On another, we incorporated 2 different foil colors, UV coating, and custom die cutting for a card in the shape of an exclusive airline boarding pass.

Creating a unique card that stands out and really showcases your company may cost a bit more than the average card, but it is a worthy investment. The professionals at Corcoran Printing can help with everything from concept through design, paper selection, customized and traditional printing options. Call us today to get started on a business card that truly reflects the image you want to convey.

For more information on the Specialty Business cards, click here.

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Every Door Direct Mail Helps Small Businesses Reach New Customers

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2014

Save money on postage and reach your target market without a mailing list with Every Door Direct Mail Retail by the U.S. Postal Service. EDDM is a new way to think about marketing your products or services. You just target your audience through neighborhoods, carrier routes or other geographic areas, and the post office delivers your printed piece directly to every mailbox on that route for only 17.5 cents per piece.

Direct mail is an effective way for small businesses to generate leads, increase traffic and build sales. It puts your message directly in the hands of the consumer. EDDM offers other key benefits as well, including no postage permit requirements, no names or addresses needed, and also plenty of room for your message with a variety of size options. Three of the most popular size options are postcards (6.5 X 9), oversized postcards (8.5 X 11) and tri folds (4.25 X 14). There is a 5,000 piece maximum per day, per post office, but the minimum quantity to qualify is just 200 pieces, making EDDM affordable for every business.

Direct mail can be an extremely effective tool to not only find new customers, but also build relationships with existing customers. It creates that one on one connection that other media channels can’t match, helping small businesses to go that extra mile with a more personal touch. EDDM is the ideal marketing tool for every small business, from attorneys, auto dealers and real estate agents to restaurants, retailers, banks and more.

Statistically, direct mail is still one of the most effective forms of advertising for any business, delivering a higher return on investment than any other medium. According to the Direct Mail Association (DMA) Fact Book for 2013, 65% of consumers of all ages have made a purchase as a result of direct mail.  Some great examples of how businesses are using EDDM include coupons, menus, grand opening announcements, sales announcements, and new product and service advertisements.

The direct mail experts at Corcoran Printing can help you get your EDDM campaign underway today. We can help you choose your geographic target area and professionally print your mailer. Our graphic artists can put together an innovative and eye-catching mailer based on your needs and make sure that it meets all of the postal size and weight requirements. We can even prepare all of the paperwork and deliver the mailer to the post office for you.

Visit us online at www.corcoranprinting.com or call us today at 1-800-564-0085 to talk about how this program can work for you.

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Newsletters must be unique to reach valuable customers

Monday, October 7th, 2013

Newsletters are an effective printing and mailing strategy that small businesses can use to provide loyal customers with updates on products and services, company news and even special deals.

However, there are a few ways that companies can make it more likely for consumers to read their direct mail piece. First, a newsletter must be unique. According to Michele Pepe-Warren for Information Week, this does not mean it needs to feature gimmicks or tricks.

“It’s all about creating a personal touch. A few ideas: Include a snapshot from your office; incorporate a video message from your staff; put in a link to an entertaining website. Don’t be afraid to show your company’s personality,” Pepe-Warren suggests.

To be unique in a way that still appeals to consumers, however, businesses will need to know and understand their readers. What connections can be established between a company and consumers? What is interesting to them?

If a small business is looking to add newsletters to its marketing mix, they want to consider saturation mailing, which allows companies to target a wide swath of consumers by zip code.

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