Cannabis Cigar Ring Demand on the Rise

According to Business News Daily, the Cannabis industry is one of the fastest growing in the U.S. In fact, the U.S. cannabis market is projected to reach $72 billion annually by 2030. Cannagars, or cannabis cigars, are a growing part of this emerging industry. Consequently, cannagars have become a luxury product that is in high demand in the U.S. and abroad.

Custom cannabis cigar ring ideal for luxury brands

Corcoran Printing has been manufacturing luxury cigar rings and cigar bands for the world’s premier cigar makers for many years. This year, we see the demand for custom cannabis cigar rings and cannagar bands reaching new heights. Custom made to identify the cannagar brand and the individual product; cannabis cigar bands have a practical use as well. Notably, they also help to keep the wrapper intact.

Luxury foil embossed cannabis cigar rings 

Produced on premium paper, and foil embossed in shiny splendor, foil-printed cannabis cigar bands can be intricately die-cut to any custom shape and size. Gold or silver foiladds elegance and sparkle to these premium products. A custom cannabis cigar ring is needed for any luxury brand looking to capture the attention of cannagar buyers. Cannabis cigars are carefully made through an intricate process. Similarly, this careful technique calls for a special cigar band to represent a premier product.

Catch the eye with a shimmering cannabis cigar band

When a cigar or cannagar smoker sits back and lights up their favorite smoke, it is the glimmer of the cannabis cigar ring that will first catch their eye and ensure they remember a unique brand. It’s important to realize that while you may not feel you need to put much emphasis on such a small product, a custom cannabis cigar ring is central to the

overall packaging of your cannabis cigar.

Many cannabis cigar brands have discovered the special skill of Corcoran Printing in helping them achieve their cannabis cigar packaging and cannabis product p

ackaging goals. Specifically, this includes premium cannabis brands such as Jelly Wizard, Rumba, Puro, Uplifted Cannabis, Catalpha, and TM Premium Cannabis. They have all chosen Corcoran Printing for their custom cigar ring print and specialty packaging needs.

Beauty in the eye of the beholder 

Cigar connoisseurs have long taken notice of the intricate design of custom cigar rings and foil-embossed cigar bands. Throughout history they have been collected and the topic of much discussion. Moreover, the elegance of a custom printed foil embossed cigar band has proven to be timeless. The same is now true for cannabis cigar enthusiasts. The most compelling evidence is that custom cannabis cigar bands are capturing attention and providing a reflection of the prestigious brand behind the cigar.

Custom Cannabis Product Packaging 

Corcoran Printing focuses on custom cigar and cannagar packing for brands across the globe.

  • Cannabis Cigar Rings
  • Custom Cannagar Bands
  • Custom Cigar Wraps
  • Foil Printed Cannabis Cigar Bands
  • Hot Foil Embossed Cannabis Cigar Rings
  • Custom Cigar Labels
  • Custom Cannagar Labels
  • Cigar and Cannagar Boxes
  • Custom Boxes for Cannabis Products
  • Die-Cut Cigar Bands
  • CBD Packaging
  • CBD Product Labels

Packaging for every need 

Whether you are looking for custom die-cut boxes for your cannabis vape cartridges, custom foil embossed boxes for a CBD oil product line, or a customized die-cut cannabis cigar ring, Corcoran Printing can help. We’ve been exceeding the expectation of our customers for more than 80 years. We provide exceptional products and services for clients around the world.

Let us help you create a custom cannabis cigar ring. We can provide inspiration to the endless possibilities that will best showcase your brand. Contact us today.

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