A custom cigar band can showcase creativity

While cigar bands, rings, and wraps have always been ornate, they are now making statements about the individual cigar and brand they represent. As a result of modern twists on classic designs and attention to every little print detail, a custom cigar band is a testament to continued creativity in the long-standing cigar industry. This goes for both established brands and newcomers to this growing industry.

A custom cigar band can be a showstopper 

Exquisite designs and specialty print, including foil stamping, embossing, and debossing can result in celebrated looks for iconic cigar brands.  For this reason, we see new cigar brands looking for sleek and elegant cigar rings to help their product get the notice it deserves.  Moreover, we find established brands looking for an elegant makeover for their existing cigar bands. As a leader in custom cigar band print, Corcoran Printing can help.

JM Patriarch is a great example of a simple, sleek, and elegant custom cigar band. It features silver foil embossed on a red background with just a hint of black ink. The print process provided a clean and polished look and feel. JM Patriarch’s website mentions they are taking an old-school approach to the cigar business and modernizing it. The modern look of their custom cigar band is a testament to their goal.

The handmade quality of San Giuseppe Cigars is evident in their ornate cigar band design. It features a multicolored gold foil embossed crest. The cigar ring is regal and reminiscent of the more classic cigar bands of days gone by. It’s a great nod to tradition for this start-up cigar maker.

Custom rings for cannabis cigars      

Tobacco is not the only thing being rolled into cigars these days. Solin Cannagars produces 100% cannabis cigars from the hemp plant. What exactly is a cannagar? According to Solin Naturals, an actual cannagar is a cannabis flower-packed core with or without a center skewer for venting. No other plant material or other materials are added.

This new and very unique cigar needed a one-of-a-kind cigar band. The band is printed with a splash of color in an intricate design and then finished with gold foil and debossing before being die-cut into an exclusive shape. This custom cigar ring for Solin’s Cannagars is both smart and stylish.

A custom cigar band with a textured feel 

The feel of a band is becoming as important as the look when it comes to custom printed cigar wraps. Corcoran Printing recently printed a gold foil and embossed cigar ring for Villanova Cigars of Florida. This is another sharp look and design based on the intricate look of a tobacco leaf fitting of a handmade cigar. The El Coñac cigar band was custom printed for East Park Cigars Co. by Corcoran Printing. It is a great example of the textured feel of embossing on a luxury cigar ring. The band also boasts an eye-pleasing color combination and shimmer of gold foil. The cigar wrapped in this band is part of a trio of blends specially created to pair with a particular spirit. Another distinct band for a special cigar.

Cigar band printer for the U.S. and the globe 

While Corcoran Printing is conveniently located along the east coast of the United States in Pennsylvania, we custom print cigar bands and rings for clients across the globe. This includes Dominican, Barbados, Bahamas, Columbia, Denmark, Africa & hundreds across the US, as well as our newest customer, La Casa in Nicaragua.

You don’t have to be a major cigar producer to take advantage of a custom band, branded ring, or cigar wrap as we’ve mentioned above. Cigar sales across the globe are strong and Cigar aficionados are taking advantage of the opportunity to live their dream and start their own independent cigar brands. Cigar Aficionado wrote that the increase in demand for cigars in 2020 accelerated into 2021 with double-digit gains and no signs of slowing.  Undoubtedly, we see this trend in many of our new cigar band customers.

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