Recognize graduates with custom foil diplomas

It’s all in the detail when it comes to presenting graduates with personalized custom foil diplomas. Every little feature and print effect serves to enhance the overall look and feel of a professionally printed diploma or certificate. Graduates deserve the very best, and that includes custom foil diplomas from a premier printer.

Corcoran Printing has produced custom diplomas, certificates, and awards for schools and universities across the country and abroad. This includes Pennsylvania State University, Olivet University, and the Southwestern University in Nigeria, Africa among many others. In addition to custom diplomas, we have printed certificates of achievement for organizations and businesses from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and FBI to the Tax Law Institute.

Specialty foil print for custom diplomas

Presenting graduates with custom foil diplomas provides recognition of excellence. Custom diplomas can be completely customized to your unique design. This might include a foil embossed school or university name, seal or logo, custom paper, and personalization with the recipient’s name.

Nothing says sophistication like a shiny metallic foil on a custom diploma or certificate. Gold foil, silver foil, or other metallic foils can add to the elegance of a custom diploma or certificate. Just imagine your school colors printed in foil on a diploma. The shine will jump right off the paper.

Personalized custom foil diplomas

Corcoran Printing provides variable data print services which can provide you with individualization of diplomas and certificates with the names of each recipient. It’s a great time saver and enables a high level of personalization.

Custom foil diplomas and certificates can be printed on many different paper stocks, from white or ivory card stock to parchment or glossy card stock. Sizes range from standard 5.5 X 11 or 11 x 17 up to 18 x 24. Speaking of paper, don’t skimp on the quality. A diploma should feel as good as it looks. Be sure to ask about premium papers for diplomas, awards, and certificates.

A diploma can be made even more one-of-a-kind with embossing. This will provide it with a luxurious raised feel. That coupled with a shiny metallic foil, provides a diploma to be treasured by the recipient. Imagine personalizing your diploma with your university or organization seal in raised gold foil on a specialty card stock. What better way to honor graduates from high school or trade schools, as well as medical colleges and universities anywhere.

Custom foil certificates

Similar to diplomas, custom foil certificates are very popular with employers and organizations looking for awards of achievement or to honor special occasions. Professional print helps to give custom foil certificates of achievement a polished, more notable look.

Metallic foil printing is ideal for showcasing university seals, college crests, and other emblems and logos. Choose from gold, silver, copper, or any color to fit your needs. Foil is also perfect for the special text that you want to highlight and see stand out and shine on a diploma, certificate, or award. 

An award for graduates 

Diplomas have traditionally served as a symbol of the time and effort students have put into their academic accomplishments and in earning a degree. For this, they should receive a fitting award. What better way to recognize a graduating student and give them a greater sense of achievement, than with a custom foil diploma or custom printed certificate? It will enable them to showcase their victory with pride.

The professionals at Corcoran Printing provide custom foil diplomas and certificates that last a lifetime. After all, you want a diploma that is truly representative of the quality of your school, university, or organization. For added convenience, Corcoran Printing also specializes in custom foil graduation invitations and announcement cards, as well as commencement programs. We are your one-stop print shop for all of your graduation and award needs.

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