USPS introduces new program for direct mail

In an effort to help entrepreneurs around the country, the United States Postal Service is currently offering a direct mail initiative that targets industry professionals.

One community that has jumped on board is Elgin, Illinois, where the local branch of the post office recently hosted two Grow Your Business Days Seminar. One of the issues highlighted at the event was the new Every Door Direct Mail campaign, which allows business owners to target certain demographics without having to find the specific names and addresses of people.

“This is a perfect opportunity for small- and medium-sized businesses to learn how to use direct mail,” says Elgin Postmaster Sue Meathe in an interview with the newspaper. “This new service lets businesses print their own mail piece and drop it off at the local post office where it can be delivered to specific addresses without a permit.”

By taking advantage of such programs, businesses will be better able to increase profits and get the attention of customers. By creating the right direct marketing message, a struggling business may be able to find a whole new market to sell its products and services to.