PRIMIR commissions study on how electronic technologies will impact print

As digital technologies advance and change the way marketers approach their campaigns, printing and mailing specialists must learn to adapt to these new tools.

In response to this need, the Print Industries Market Information and Research Organization has commissioned a new research study called "The Impact of Electronic Technologies on Print."

The study will establish a framework for how electronic technology may impact the nature and volume of print. Focusing on the North American market, the research will include technologies such as electronic reading devices, display technology, electronic distribution technology and linked supplemental electronic materials, among others.

"Print is a media that has been used to communicate, document and entertain for centuries. It has learned to adjust to new technologies, as it did with the advent of radio and television. With the increased use of electronic technology, PRIMIR needs to understand the impact these technologies will have on print so its members can respond to the ever changing communications market," said Paul Jaynes, a study co-chair and member of PRIMIR's executive committee.

Despite uncertainty regarding how print and digital will work together in the future, marketers are continuing to invest in print campaigns. In fact, according to a recent survey from BtoB Online, marketers plan to increase investment in direct mail by 36.6 percent in 2011.