PIASC launches year-long ‘Choose Print’ campaign

In recent memory, printing and mailing initiatives have had to battle misinformation such as "Print kills trees" or "Print is less effective than digital." However, a new campaign recently launched to set the record straight.

The Printing Industries Association of Southern California introduced a national campaign, called "Choose Print," on January 17 to educate the business public on print's credentials, encourage organizations to include print in their marketing mix and create more revenue for printers.

As part of the campaign, PIASC will be utilizing a monthly postcard campaign, sending out materials to more than 2,500 advertising agencies, graphic design firms and communication executives.

Furthermore, PIASC encourages printers to join the movement by visiting its website, www.ChoosePrint.org, and using its logo on stationery, marketing materials, websites and business windows.

"The truth is, print is not only a powerful and extremely effective communication medium, it's also renewable, recyclable, and sustainable," the organization explained.

In fact, a number of recent articles and studies have emphasized the utility of print as a marketing strategy. A recent article by Gordon Hochhalter for BtoB Online explained that print, more than any other marketing medium, provides recipients with an immediate and tangible product.