Direct mail benefits from the human touch

When it comes to rolling out a direct mail campaign, it can be difficult for marketing professionals to know where to start. One way that a company can gain an advantage over competition is by handwriting notes to clients it wants to attract. Most times, when people see that a piece of mail has been written out by hand, it will make them more likely to pay attention.

People are used to getting print-outs from companies and in some cases barely give it a second look. According to Bob Martel, a columnist for the MetroWest Daily News, his firm has found that the more personal approach is more affective than the quicker alternative.

“One of the best ways to get your direct mail opened, read and acted upon is to use genuinely produced handwritten addressing,” he writes. “Results don’t lie. I have been proving it for almost 18 years now in hundreds of direct marketing campaigns from clients and for myself. Going beyond this, a handwritten sticky note on a letter or a handwritten note card can have dramatic impact on the marketing and sales results that you seek.”