Tracking and measuring a direct mail marketing campaign

Many direct mail marketing service providers are targeting small business owners by offering platforms that directly benefit their tactics.

In comparison to social media marketing, direct mail is a strategy that is far easier to measure. To determine the success of a campaign, marketers have several options. For example, they can offer a reward or discount to those consumers who bring the mail to an in-store location or enter a promotional code online, Deliver Magazine noted.

It may also be a wise idea for marketers to include a mobile marketing technique on their direct mail campaigns. Including a scannable mobile barcode would encourage consumers to interact with their smartphones and also enable a marketer to track the mail’s impact.

Mobile efforts are being utilized by both the United States Postal Service and the UK’s Royal Mail in an effort to target both small businesses and their larger counterparts. Multichannel approaches such as these have proven to be successful across all verticals, with more industries reaching their target audiences at all touch points rather than just one or two.