Campaigns get creative with direct mail and QR codes

Businesses aren’t the only entities pairing direct mail marketing efforts with new technology in the hopes of creating dynamic content and capturing the imagination of recipients.

Political campaigns are extending their use of the advertising medium by pairing direct mail with quick response codes. QR codes, which can be easily scanned with a smartphone, allow candidates to provide voters with extra information and prompt them to interact immediately via social media and the web.

This may include asking for donations or voter testimonials. Additionally, QR codes can allow campaigns to segment their messages, appealing to specific voters with issues that correspond with their interests.

“Direct mail and mobile marketing are coming together to create an extremely specialized advertising channel,” the company AccurateLeads explains in a statement. “Candidates using this marketing method can not only send users to a specialized message but can also change content on the fly with social media updates and landing page alterations.”

However, if campaigns are re-directing recipients to websites or social media pages, they should make sure they’re mobile optimized.