Nonprofit direct mail marketing goes multichannel

While direct mail has been a successful way for nonprofit organizations to deliver dynamic content to and solicit contributions from supporters, it’s more important than ever to marry this marketing channel with other mediums.

Direct mail currently allows for greater security, ease in writing a check and physicality of the medium, yet by pairing it with channels such as social media, companies can engage with new and loyal supporters in different ways that may inform and improve current communications.

A “360-degree view of donors and the different marketing channels available” is a must, Jennifer Elwood, executive director of consumer marketing at the American Red Cross, told Direct Marketing News. “The way that you use the different channels, the message will be tailored to a different target demographic and to the strengths of that channel.”

Consider age groups. Kim Walker, director of direct mail fundraising at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, pointed out to the source that donors tend to be older – at least over 30 – making direct mail an ideal channel. Younger individuals tend to move more, making email and social media a more reliable way of reaching them.

Nonprofits shouldn’t limit their multichannel activities to direct mail and social media, though. Try mobile, video, radio and print to further appeal to consumers.