Newsletter printing must accurately target audiences

When creating an effective newsletter for your small business’ printing and mailing campaign, it is important to target your audience carefully to ensure you reach those most interested in your company’s products or services.

Business owners must ask themselves who their newsletters will be targeting. For example, do companies want to communicate with current customers only? If so, consider Tom Kusmerz’s approach to newsletter sign-ups.

“They have to come into the store and sign up for it. That way, I know we’re not wasting our effort,” Kusmerz of the Barn Nursery & Landscape Center told Inc. magazine.

However, if businesses are trying to reach new clients and prospects, they may want to give Nashville lawyer Brian Smith’s strategy a try. Smith sends his newsletter to 2,300 readers every quarter – only one-tenth of which are clients.

Much of his success, however, can be attributed to his dogged maintenance of his mailing list. “Everybody who calls and asks me a copyright question goes on the mailing list,” he told Inc.

Additionally, owners should follow Smith’s lead and keep a close eye on all leads – family, friends, old clients – and update it constantly.