USPS works to prove direct mail marketing’s worth

In light of digital marketing, experts are fighting hard keep marketers in the know on the importance and relevance of a multichannel campaign – particularly one that includes direct mail marketing.

As more firms shift their attention to online marketing efforts, the United States Postal Service is launching multiple efforts to gain new advertising campaigns. For example, its “Mail Works Guarantee” initiative guarantees that large firms will see the benefit of direct mail marketing – those whose campaigns do not meet agreed-upon terms will be refunded up to $250,000 in postage costs, Direct Marketing News reported. While the USPS will not help firms with metrics or branding, it will offer advice on integrating mail into their marketing approach.

“With our years of experience, and our vast amount of data on the effectiveness of direct mail and our knowledge of how to improve the read and response rate of direct mail, we believe we are uniquely positioned to help companies incorporate direct mail into their advertising mix,” said Susan Plonkey, vice president of sales for USPS.