The value of printed materials

Printed materials are playing a major role in many industries, with companies in a variety of different sectors sending out brochures and other items to better engage with clients.

By formulating effective marketing strategies, firms will be able to create a solid branding messages and get more attention for the goods or services being sold. One sector that has long relied on printed materials is the restaurant industry. In a release, marketing firm Accurate leads points to one recent East coast institution that saw improved results when it printed material for customers.

“A restaurant in Yarmouth, Massachusetts used a piece of paper that was treated to feel like plastic and a corner section of the mailer could be removed that was the size of a credit card,” the firm stated. “At this point the prospect could put their ‘credit card’ in their wallet or purse for later use. The restaurant saw a 30 percent response rate from this campaign.”

Getting the right materials to promote a business requires a fair amount of planning and figuring out what type of messages are likely to resonate with an audience.