Consumers will tolerate 10 direct mail marketing messages from brands

While there is a “fine line” between an ideal level of communication and bombardment between small businesses and consumers, a recent study indicates that consumers tolerate a greater number of direct mail marketing messages in comparison to other channels.

The “Enough is Enough! The Fine Line in Executing Multichannel Relational Communication” report, published in the Journal of Marketing, found that the ideal number of direct mail messages from a brand is 10. When receiving messages via email, consumers tolerate between three and four. Only three phone calls were deemed ideal.

“[Researcher Andrea] Godfrey didn’t expect mail to be very effective because people are so numb to junk mail,” the University of California, Riverside, noted. “But, after reviewing the findings, she believes customers tolerated more mail because it is perceived as less intrusive than telephone calls or emails.”

According to The Drum, the term “junk mail” is defined as as untargeted mail delivered to all consumers. However mail that is sent by a brand and targeted to current consumers is “advertising mail.” The two are often confused.