Employees find green printing to be a top priority

Going green is increasing on the minds of both businesses and consumers, making it important for printers to offer printing and mailing solutions that are eco-friendly and cost-efficient.

At the recent Executive Sustainability Summit at Arizona State University, sustainable printing was a key topic, prompting Angele Boyd, a group vice president and general manager with IDC, to share research on how companies and workers approach printing.

She identified two top concerns among employees: depletion of natural resources and the potential environmental harm caused by printer inks and toners. In fact, Boyd said that a recent survey from IDC found 61 percent of employees say that the environment is an important consideration when they go to print.

“If someone wants a physical copy of something, we clearly should make the printing as low impact as possible. Paper and printing do have a significant environmental footprint in energy use, water, toxic chemicals and waste. The less paper and ink used, the better for both the environment and the bottom line,” the statement said.

For businesses looking to improve their printing practices, they should consider using 100 percent post-consumer waste paper or vegetable-based or soy inks, Tech Soup writes.