Avoid the middleman when purchasing printed foil stamped diplomas

When you’re in need of quality printed foil stamped diplomas for your college or university graduating classes, Corcoran Printing is the best source if you want it done in-house. Many college print buyers don’t realize that the majority of printers out there don’t actually have in-house foil stamp capability. It’s a specialty that’s often out-sourced, which can result in an increased cost for the consumer in the form of a high markup and excess shipping fees.

At Corcoran Printing, foil stamping and embossing are our specialties. We perform all aspects of a commercial print and foil job right in-house. This includes specialty college diplomas and other types of high-end certificate printing. Rest assured that when you’re purchasing a printed diploma at Corcoran Printing, our experienced professionals are completing your project on site. We’re not sending your foil stamp job out of town or even out of the country, as some other printers or print brokers may do.

If you’re a print buyer for a college or university who is searching for a printer for your graduation diplomas, be sure to ask if the work is done right on-site. You may not realize even that you’re dealing with a print broker who outsources all work or perhaps a printer without high-end foil print capabilities. Hence, it’s always best to ask the important question up front. Will our diploma print job be outsourced or completed in-house? When purchasing print for something as important as an academic certificate or diploma, you want to know that you are hiring a reputable company who is completing the job on site. Above all, you want to be assured of the high level of customer service that comes with working directly with your print source.

Specialty print for university diplomas and certificates

You want to ensure you’re honoring graduates in the best way when commemorating a special academic achievement. Only the finest printed foil stamped diplomas and certificates will do. This includes using the highest quality diploma stock, professional print services, specialty foil stamp print, embossing and debossing for one of a kind printed diplomas. After all, what’s more elegant on a diploma or graduation certificate than a beautifully foiled and embossed university logo or special university seal or crest. Corcoran Printing provides high quality printed foil stamped diplomas to various colleges and universities across the country.

What exactly is foil stamping for a diploma? It’s the application of a metallic foil to paper via an intricately designed heated die that adheres the foil to the paper surface. Foil stamping can be combined with embossing, for a 3D print effect. Embossing involves the use of two dies. It can be done on its own to achieve a raised design effect or combined with foil stamping to achieve a look of elegance on an academic diploma. You often see intricately designed foil stamped and embossed college seals or logos on diplomas. While embossing creates a raised surface, debossing is a print effect that will press the shape down, creating an indent. Whichever specialty print finishes you select, they can enhance the look of your academic diplomas. Foil printed diplomas can help represent your university and honor your graduates for their achievements.

Custom printed foil stamped diplomas

At Corcoran Printing, we’ve printed certificates and diplomas for many educational institutions. We can use an existing design template or our diploma design experts can create a custom design that will truly showcase the unique style of your university. Finally, we can custom print nearly any size certificate or diploma you desire. Our diploma and certificate print experts will show you samples of a wide selection of custom diploma papers and premium parchments from which to choose. Some of the finest preferred papers for diplomas and certificates include Parchment, Accent smooth, Mohawk Skytone, Neehan Stardream, Springhill Vellum Bristol, Finch Fine papers & many others. Once a size has been determined and a paper selected, we can discuss the best print effects for your diploma, such as foil stamping and embossing.

College graduation is a special, very memorable occasion. Honor your graduates in a special way with a custom designed, embossed printed foil stamped diplomas. To learn more about our foil stamping and embossing services for university diplomas and other products, visit our foil stamp print web page or call 800-564-0085” for more information.