Attract attention to your brand with Foil Stamp Printing

Nothing says elegance in print more than foil stamping and embossing. You can give your printed pieces a bit more shine with the custom foil printing service at Corcoran Printing. Our foil printing machine has the capability of foil stamping even the most intricate designs. The laminate properties of hot foiling allow for a shiny, reflective effect, something that absorbing ink cannot achieve. To accomplish the process, a hot foil stamping machine will stamp a heated die onto the foil, making it adhere to the surface of the paper and leaving the design of the die on the paper.

This process produces a shiny, eye-catching affect on paper. Hot foil stamping can be combined with embossing for an even more dramatic affect. Using different foil colors and combining ink and foil with embossing can add even more dimensions your design. While gold foil printing is probably the most popular, foils come in a variety of colors, finishes and special effects.

Types of Foils used in Custom Foil Printing

Although gold foil print and silver foil print are in high demand, there are many colors of metallic and pigment foils available. Gloss pigment foil paper has no metallic look, but it does have a high gloss finish. Matte pigment foil will accomplish a subdued finish and metallic foils will provide a metal sheen with a very shiny look. A specialty foil, such as a holographic foil can help create a three-dimensional, high-tech look. Special effects foils, such as marbles, leathers, woodgrains and pearl can add an even more distinctive look to your foil printed piece. You can choose from a variety of foils when foil printing at Corcoran Printing, including gloss and matte colors and fluorescents, as well as clear foils.

Custom Foil Stamped Specialty Print Products at Corcoran Printing

  • Foil stamped business cards
  • Embossed foil stickers
  • Gold foil seals
  • Embossed seals
  • Foil stamped certificates
  • Holographic foil awards
  • Foil embossed diplomas
  • Foil stamped kit covers
  • Gold embossed business cards
  • Holographic foil stamped letterhead
  • Foil stamped book covers
  • Silver embossed business cards
  • Custom printed gold foil seals
  • More custom options below


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Embossing Foil

Foil stamp printing can be combined with embossing to creating an attention-grabbing, three-dimensional effect. This effect is often used when using foil printing services to create diplomas, for foil invitation printing and with gold foil printing services.

The difference between Embossed Printing, Debossing and Blind Embossing

Embossed printing is a technique that uses a die to press a design, logo or type into paper. The resulting image rises above the paper, creating a 3D effect. Debossing is when the image is below the paper level, creating a different type of effect. If the embossing does not utilize foil or ink, it is considered embossing, where the image is simply pressed into the paper. Embossing with foil creates a very dramatic affect in the foil stamp printing and process and ink embossing refers to embossing over ink for a completely different look.

Gold Foil Printer

Custom gold foil printing, including the foil printing and embossing of gold foil seals, is an area of expertise at Corcoran Printing. We accomplish outstanding gold foil stamping results with even the most intricate designs. In addition to gold foil printed seals, we also gold foil print a variety of labels, decals and stickers.

Foil Printed Business Cards

Professionalism with a touch of class, that’s what foil printing at Corcoran Printing can do for your business card. You hand out your card every day, and what better way to make a great first impression than with a foil stamped business card. Embossing and foil stamping a business card will show a level of sophistication and style that is unmatched. It will make your business card stand out, get noticed, and most importantly, it will be kept.

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Add an eye-catching appeal to your next printed project with custom foil printing or gold foil stamping from Corcoran Printing. Our highly skilled craftsmen will handle your foil print and embossing project with care and precision. We also offer design services.


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• Foils: metallic, gloss, matte, holographic, and more.
• Sizes: 1″x1″ to 19″x25″
• Impressions: Foil stamping, Embossing, combo Foil + Embossing, Blind Embossing, & Debossing on one of our 4 original Heidelberg letterpresses.
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• Products: Foil stamped Pocketfolders, Embossed cards, Foil Stamped Letterheads & Envelopes, Embossed Christmas Cards, Holographic Stamped Checks or Coupons, Foil Stamped Clothing Tags, Embossed Corporate Invitations, Foil Stamped Book Covers, Embossed Jewelry cards.
• Turnaround time: 5-7 days, rush services available.