Graphic design evolves to meet business needs

Graphic design, whether it is for printing and mailing campaigns or branding initiatives, is unlikely to die anytime soon – even with the advent of social media.

“In my experience, medias and mediums have, and will, always evolve … There will be plenty of bigger and better opportunities for graphic design as the digital age progresses … the question is, ‘Will graphic designers evolve design?'” Dana Arnett, a designer that has worked for companies such as IBM, General Electric, Coca-Cola and Nike, told the blog Mark Lives!.

However, Arnett is not worried, explaining that design continues to be a necessary point for differentiation among brands and companies. He suggests that media that is “meaningful, unique and fresh” will still grab consumers’ attention.

Additionally, the blog points to newspapers as a way that design is actually increasing in relevance. This medium is increasingly using info-graphics – akin to the way social media is – to condense information for readers.

For small businesses looking to hire a graphic professional to update their brands, they should make sure to interview a few candidates to make sure they hire a designer who intimately knows their industry and works well with the business.