Redken leverages cloud-based technology for print, direct mail marketing

Hair products line Redken 5th Avenue NYC has implemented a cloud-based direct mail and print marketing solution to reach its consumers and further boost its branding efforts.

The firm is leveraging cloud-based software to launch a web portal, housing print materials that feature its strict brand guidelines for local business use. By using a cloud system, Redken salons will be able to easily access materials and the company will be able to change its collateral.

Postcard Services CEO Jonathan Kremner said, “Centrally approved, but locally deployed, this elegant and effective cloud-based suite of tools allows Redken stylists and salons to obtain marketing collateral, run their own local, targeted marketing campaigns and deploy static collateral as often as they like, based on their individual needs and their individual budgets.”

For large corporations such as Redken, launching a streamlined marketing and advertising campaign across the board is essential so that a message does not come across as disorganized.