Direct mail marketers should play to existing markets rather than develop new ones

In today’s recovering economy, it’s essential for small business’ direct mail marketing campaign reach the proper consumer. Once a mailer makes it to a household, it must be compelling enough for the recipient to open, otherwise a firm’s capital will be wasted without any message ever making its way through the channel.

According to Marketing Profs, direct mail marketing can still fall back on timeless principles, despite a lagging economy. First, play to existing markets – do not try to create new ones to sell to.

“In general, direct marketing is not about creating markets, but about locating existing markets,” Dean Rieck wrote for the source. “It is a business-to-buyer avenue of selling that is streamlined, efficient, and profitable – but only when a market wants what you are offering. For example, a few decades ago, only hardcore geeks would buy a computer via mail … but such purchases are now common because a wide market exists.”

A firm should also conduct proper research before launching a direct mail marketing initiative to ensure the demographic is in fact on board with its efforts and are likely to benefit from the campaign.