Exclusive jewelry card print for premier brands

Upscale brands constantly look for ways to distinguish themselves and their products. Foil-printed jewelry cards are an effective way to accomplish this goal. As a brand manager working to develop a powerful marketing strategy for a luxury brand, exclusive jewelry card print and other foil-printed jewelry packaging is a compelling way to project a luxury image. Keep your target audience in mind when developing your print strategy. Of course, luxury products require luxury packaging.

Achieving luxurious printed jewelry cards

When imagining an appropriate jewelry card for your brand, consider what best tells your story. FoundRae Fine Jewelry in Manhattan did an excellent job of this. They promote their collection as authentic, classic, personal, and autobiographical. They were stating that their modern heirlooms allow the wearer to express something of oneself to the world. Furthermore, because FoundRae has invested so much time and energy into their one-of-a-kind collection, exclusive jewelry card print was integral to helping to communicate the brand and its pieces.

Each piece in the FoundRae collection is based on a lexicon of symbols from different cultures and time periods. When purchased, the various pieces come with a custom-printed tenet definition card representing Karma, Protection, Dream, Resilience, Passion, and more. Each card contains a beautiful printed design of the symbol, as well as the meanings of each symbol. Other unique pieces are accompanied by other specially designed cards such as a painted pear, all fitting the beauty of the individual piece.

What does luxury print mean to your brand?

Your story is important, and it should be told effectively in a way reflective of your brand. Professionally printed jewelry cards can help you achieve this. Remember that luxury print should be timeless and elegant. Luxury buyers expect the lavish experience to extend to the packaging of the product as well. The materials used should be luxurious and truly depictive of the product. Think of a sophisticated label on an exclusive bottle of bourbon, an engaging metallic foil label on a posh perfume, or a glamorous double-thick jewelry card that radiates the beauty of the piece it accompanies.

3 steps to exclusive jewelry card print for luxury brands 

  1. First, focus on an appropriate design. Think of a custom printed jewelry card as a canvas to bring the story of your brand and products to life. The unique design should always be depictive of your brand and products. Word of caution; don’t overdo it. Less is more when it comes to exclusive jewelry card print. Consumers gravitate to attractive simplicity.
  2. Next, choose paper carefully with the help of a professional jewelry card printer. Consider weight, finish, and texture. For example, a double-thick cover can provide elegant results.
  3. Finally, consider your specialty print options. Foil stamping, embossing, debossing, and unique die cuts are all elements of specialty print that can provide striking one-of-a-kind results. Metallic foil stamping using gold, silver, or other metallic hues can give any printed card a lustrous appeal. Embossing will draw touch with an exclusive three-dimensional texture. Indeed, it’s just another way to convey excellence to discerning consumers. As mentioned above, speak with a custom jewelry packaging print professional at Corcoran Printing for all of your specialty print options.

Enhancing the consumer experience with high-end jewelry card print

Custom printed jewelry cards, die-cut earring cards, custom necklace cards, jewelry hang tags, and other printed jewelry packaging are all a fundamental part of the overall consumer experience. If your jewelry company wants to establish itself as an exclusive brand that delivers extraordinary products, Corcoran Printing can deliver the experience you need to create a custom jewelry card fitting of your premier brand. Our professional team knows how to produce the high-quality and appealing custom-branded jewelry packaging that consumers crave. Finally, tap to learn more about the jewelry packaging options at Corcoran Printing.

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