Foil Christmas Cards Delight Recipients

Did you think Christmas Cards were a thing of the past? Not true! According to Hallmark, Christmas is still the largest card-sending holiday in the United States.  Approximately 1.3 billion cards are sent annually. The Greeting Card Association of America reports that American consumers purchase 6.5 billion greeting cards every year with 90% of American households buying greeting cards. That’s a lot of cards.

What’s much better than a cookie-cutter holiday card that you buy in a card shop or grocery store? Well, a custom-printed holiday card that’s been specially designed for your needs or brand of course. Millennials and businesses alike are making Christmas cards a must-have by personalizing them to an individual, a family, or a brand. This might include harnessing the power of an old-fashioned family portrait with a full-color photo card with a touch of foil. Perhaps it’s enhancing a brand image with an elegantly original metallic foil embossed holiday card with a unique die-cut.

As many of us deal with social media fatigue and yearn for a more personalized greeting, we see traditional Christmas cards and other greeting cards making a resurgence. It helps the sender make a much better connection with the recipient than a social media message. There’s no better time than the holidays to send a more meaningful message in the form of a card. Furthermore, it will get much more attention than sending a generic digital greeting to the masses.

Embrace the holiday spirit with printed foil Christmas cardsCustom Christmas cards

While Americans have been sending less mail than they used to, the holidays have always been an exception. Last holiday season alone the United States Postal Service (USPS) accepted more than 13.2 billion mail pieces and packages. This surpassed the numbers from the previous year. This year, the USPS is adding tens of thousands of seasonal employees and installing new technology to help with the ever-increasing holiday mail. Why? Because everyone is embracing the holiday spirit by sending more cards.

Custom printed holiday cards express originality

As mentioned above, millennials and businesses are a key component of the staying power of Christmas cards. As millennials add to their families, they want to send out a specially designed holiday photo card of their happy clan for everyone to enjoy. In addition, businesses large and small are focused on expressing greetings for a happy holiday season. Clearly, they can accomplish this with a branded card that has been custom designed and printed exclusively for them. Because they’ve cut back on the mail they send, many businesses are opting to invest in higher-grade paper and specialty print techniques for Christmas cards. They want custom cards that are meaningful and authentic and are willing to pay for those special effects that make their holiday cards truly original.

The feeling of excitement and joy when opening a holiday card is definitely worth the effort and expense on the part of a sender. Undoubtedly, it’s so much better than a text or email message. Let Corcoran Printing help you create a custom holiday card that is appreciated and remembered.

Custom die-cut Christmas cardsCustom foil printed cards are perfect for

  • Christmas & Holiday Cards
  • Wedding announcements
  • Birth announcements
  • Any special occasion

Specialty print effects include 

  • Metallic foil holiday cards
  • Foil embossed Christmas cards
  • Die cut Christmas cards
  • Raised foil holiday cards
  • Custom printed greeting cards

It Holiday cards can be custom die-cut, scored, and folded to any shape and size. The expert greeting card printers at Corcoran Printing can help you select the right paper to fit your design and budget. This might include glossy card stock, matte card stock, satin card stock, or linen specialty card stock.

Whether you are a family wanting to start or continue a truly special family holiday card tradition, or a business to provide a more personalized greeting to clients, Corcoran Printing can help. Our specialty print options are the best choice when you are looking for incredible results. A custom corporate holiday card can help you build lasting client relationships. Tap to contact Corcoran Printing or to learn more about foil stamping and embossing.