Custom paper cigar box honors legend

Innovative paper cigar boxes are hard to ignore. Customized cardboard cigar boxes highlight a brand’s quality and serve as a collectible.  Such is the case with the new Legend Cigars brand Charles Sifford Collection box. Golf legend Dr. Charles “Charlie” Sifford is often referred to as “the Jackie Robinson of golf” for his role in breaking down color barriers in the sport. In addition, he was a well-known cigar lover from a young age.

Legend Cigars pays tribute to Sifford with the release of the Charlie Sifford Centennial Cigar. The beautifully designed custom paper cigar box was professionally printed by Corcoran Printing. The collector’s box was printed in a 4-color process and incorporates gold foil stamping and embossing. After that, it was carefully designed and die-cut to perfectly hold five hand-rolled cigars. A photo of Sifford with his trademark cigar adorns the box, in addition to his bio. Above all, this custom box is a fitting tribute to a true legend. Corcoran Printing printed custom cigar bands for the Sifford centennial cigars as well. As a result, the brand is very well represented in the packaging.

Foil embossed paper cigar box is packaging perfection

Cigars International wraps up cigars perfectly for holiday gift-giving with the custom-printed “Smiley’s Secret Santa” box. The ideal gift for any cigar lover, gold foil print helps this box shine under any Christmas tree. Furthermore, foil snowflakes with gold foil smiley faces with cigars adorn the cheerful die-cut box. The beauty of a professionally printed paper cigar box is that it can be customized for any occasion, size, or need. Corcoran Printing is one of the most experienced printers in the cigar-packaging industry. In other words, we can custom print a specialty box to carry your luxury cigars. Here is a sampling of our packaging products.

Printed Cigar Packaging 

  • Paper cigar box
  • Luxury cardboard cigar box
  • Custom individual cigar boxes
  • Foil stamped cigar paper boxes
  • Custom cigar packaging
  • Cardboard countertop cigar display boxes
  • Die-cut paper cigar gift box
  • Cigar retail boxes
  • Custom cigar bands
  • Foil embossed cigar rings
  • Printed cigar wraps and labels

Paper cigar box print customized to any brand

Professionally printed paper cigar boxes are skillfully designed and produced using a specialty print process. For example, this might include metallic foil stamping, embossing, debossing, and custom die-cutting. Consequently, a foil-printed cardboard cigar box can be the perfect packaging solution for any cigar brand looking to impress cigar lovers. Popular foil choices include silver foil stamping, gold foil stamping, copper foil stamping, and rose gold foil, as well as many other metallic colors. It’s important to select a high-quality paper stock with a matte or gloss finish to help enhance the look. There are many different types of specialty paper that would help heighten the overall appearance of a custom paper cigar box.  For instance, a special texture paper can add some eye-catching appeal. Due to the importance of paper to the overall look, speak peak to your print professional for the best paper stock options for your custom box.

Make a statement with professionally printed cardboard cigar boxes

Corcoran Printing is the perfect partner for a cigar brand looking for higher-quality, more stylish paper cigar box packaging. We can produce your custom paper cigar box in any style, size, and shape. In addition, we can also die-cut for elements such as a side flip, top flip, or window style box. Providing you with the highest quality printed product is our top priority. In conclusion, customized paper cigar boxes will help add value to your products.

You’ve invested much time and effort into creating a superior cigar. It’s time to focus on a distinctive paper cigar box with some wow factor. Enhance product presentation with innovative styles and design. Finally, if you want to give your cigar packaging a more elegant look, contact Corcoran Printing today.

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