Jewelry cards encourage loyalty

If you have a unique jewelry concept like Danique Jewelry, custom printed jewelry cards can ensure your customers keep coming back for more. “We include an informational jewelry card printed by Corcoran Printing with each order we ship on all platforms,” said Irina Pokovnikov, owner of Danique Jewelry. In addition to providing important information, jewelry cards are a great way to increase customer engagement.”

The beautifully designed foil-stamped folding jewelry cards are used to provide jewelry care instructions, reinforce the company’s commitment to customer satisfaction, and provide contact and website information. The jewelry cards also serve as a marketing tool for cross-selling other products. “In addition to information, our jewelry cards include a coupon code for our website that has proven to be very effective in driving traffic to our site,” Irina added. “It’s essential to communicate this information to our customers in a clear and aesthetically pleasing way, and our printed jewelry cards do just that.”

The Danique Jewelry Brand

Irina launched Danique Jewelry in 2012. It began as a hobby with Irina making small gifts of jewelry for family and friends in her spare time. She was working at the time in the corporate world and raising three children. She was looking for a way to stay home with her family and work a more flexible schedule. Around the time of the birth of her daughter Danique, Irina took a leap of faith, quitting her day job to focus on opening her business. The company, which specializes in crafting unique and personalized jewelry pieces and accessories, is now located in Watertown, MA, just outside of Boston.

“We have a dedicated team of makers, photographers, and fashionistas who focus on crafting beautiful jewelry every day for people all around the world,” Irina said. Materials for Danique’s products are sourced both domestically and around the globe. The company’s expert jewelry makers engrave, assemble, and personalize each piece into an elegant work of art to meet each customer’s specifications. Irina and her team have focused much time and energy into sourcing quality materials at an affordable price so the jewelry can be cherished for a lifetime.

Birthstone necklaces are a Danique customer favorite

Danique’s best-selling pieces include the Mother’s Lariat necklaces. The necklaces are totally customizable with children’s birthstones, allowing moms and grandmothers to keep their families close.  Most importantly, they can be added to in the future as a family grows. In addition to jewelry, the company sells other personalized gifts. This includes customized keychains, cufflinks, tie and money clips, and leather goods. Engraved leather passport cases are another popular item.

Printed Jewelry Packaging

Corcoran Printing specializes in high-end jewelry card packaging. This includes specialty print effects such as metallic foil stamping, embossing, and die-cutting to any shape and size. Our jewelry packaging products include:

  • Silver foil jewelry cards
  • Gold foil jewelry cards
  • Custom necklace cards
  • Bracelet display cards
  • Die-cut earring cards
  • Fashion jewelry cards
  • Folded jewelry cards
  • Hanging jewelry cards
  • Earring display cards
  • Folding necklace cards
  • Jewelry box insert cards

Jewelry cards can help cross-sell other products

Printed product packaging is an essential part of any jewelry brand. It should be designed to reflect the product or brand it represents. Danique Jewelry has accomplished this with personalized jewelry cards. A tri-fold jewelry card highlights Danique’s birthstone collection, along with a photo of Irina and her daughter, Danique.  The photo on the card immediately draws you further into the brand. Foil stamping important messages, such as “You Are Our #1 Priority” is successful in reinforcing the brand’s commitment to satisfaction. A 15% off your next product coupon code is also highly effective in ensuring repeat business.

Foil stamped jewelry cards are a simple, yet elegant way to connect with customers and effectively market a brand. They are an investment worth making. Adding personalized elements such as a company logo and colors can increase the recognition of a brand. Choosing a suitable paper stock will help to elevate the look and feel of a jewelry card as well.

Contact a jewelry card printer 

Corcoran Printing can help you customize jewelry cards or other jewelry card packaging to best fit your products. We can help you keep the attention of your customers.

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