Custom Christmas Cards spread joy

Custom Christmas cards have been around since the Victorian Era. 1843 to be exact, according to the Smithsonian Magazine and the Postal Museum. At the time, the introduction of the “Penny Post” enabled people to send letters or cards anywhere in the country by affixing a penny stamp. A popular and prominent educator at the time, Henry Cole saw his unanswered correspondence piling up around the holidays. Overwhelmed with the thought of sending letters or reply to all, he came up with the solution of mailing an illustrated custom Christmas card instead. Artist J.C. Horsley illustrated a family at a table celebrating the holiday, along with images of help to the needy. It had an area for personalization with the message “A Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year to You.”

The popularity of custom holiday cards grew, and people began collecting them. The modern Christmas card industry began in the early 1900s when the Hall Brothers company published its first holiday card. Their company name later changed to Hallmark, which remains a popular name in card manufacturing today. Over the years, Hallmark has commissioned famous artists, including Norman Rockwell to design Christmas cards. Hallmark cards are fine for some, but those who want truly special holiday cards opt for custom print.

Celebrate the cheer of the holiday season with custom-printed holiday cards

While we live in a world filled with impersonal texts, email, and social media, many people still enjoy a more personal touch. This includes custom Christmas cards and holiday cards. A generic email with a holiday greeting does not make the same connection with the recipient. We all enjoy opening a good old-fashioned Christmas card. It’s a tangible way to show friends, family, business associates, and clients that you care. Take the time to custom print and mail a holiday card this year. Customizing your printed holiday card is key. Unlike a digital holiday message that will be gone in an instant, a custom printed card might become a keepsake held onto by recipients for years to come. Custom Christmas cards can be found displayed in homes and businesses throughout the holiday season. As a business owner, they’re also a great way to say thank you for your support this year. 

Custom Printed Christmas Cards

  • Die-cut holiday cards
  • Foil embossed Christmas cards
  • Gold foil holiday cards
  • Custom branded holiday cards
  • Custom holiday card envelopes
  • Corporate holiday cards
  • Custom designed Christmas cards
  • Imprinted Christmas cards
  • Photo Christmas cards
  • Holiday postcards
  • Foil stamped holiday cards

When customizing your holiday card there are some considerations. What is your goal? Is it simply to send a warm, personal greeting, or is it to thank your clients? Perhaps it is to enhance your brand image. Who is your recipient? This will all help to determine the look and feel of the holiday card. Creative Christmas cards can breathe new life into business relationships, while family photo holiday cards can become family heirlooms. Quality paper stock and vibrant, eye-catching designs can help delight recipients.

Kick-off the holiday season with custom Christmas cards

Christmas cards are always welcome. When looking for a truly special holiday card or a more personal touch, Corcoran Printing can help. From customized family photo Christmas Cards to branded corporate holiday cards, we have the options you need. Design and personalization are important. Foil stamped and embossed Christmas cards can create a wow factor when a card is opened. Let us help you create a more meaningful connection with friends, family, and business contacts this holiday season. Ask about our foil stamp, die-cut, and emboss services to make your holiday cards stand out.

Order custom holiday cards today

Avoid the holiday rush and plan ahead so your custom printed holiday cards arrive on time. You will want them to be printed in plenty of time to address and mail early to reach those on your list in time for the holiday.  Contact Corcoran Printing to order custom Christmas cards and envelopes today. Tap here to contact us by phone, form, or email. Tap to learn more about our foil stamping and embossing services.