Branded pet packaging customized to Cheerful Hound

Cheerful Hound Toby

Cheerful Hound is focused on creating dog accessories that will help your pet “be the talk of the dog park,” according to owner Amanda Stayton. Corcoran Printing has been honored to provide branded pet packaging fitting of the Cheerful Hound brand. This unique dog accessory company specializes in distinctive styles that help dogs express themselves and turn heads wherever they go. This includes an exclusive line of original dog bows, bandanas, collars, collar flowers, and leashes. The gorgeous collection of accessories created by the Cheerful Hound team comprises themes such as nautical, celebration, denim, gingham, camping, dinosaurs, and rainbows among others.

The Cheerful Hound story 

Amanda started Cheerful Hound in 2018 in Columbus, Ohio with a focus on unique dog collars and leashes. It quickly evolved into more dog accessories, such as bandanas, bow ties, and collar flowers. The idea for Cheerful Hound was inspired by Amanda’s dog, Toby, with whom she said she had a special connection, referring to him as her “soul dog.” In search of a fun and unique collar for Toby, she found various patterns online, as well as an article providing instructions on making your own collars. She purchased materials, hardware, and a yard sale sewing machine to make the first test collars and the rest is history. The whimsical look of Amanda’s designs has created Cheerful Hound fans across the country who have been in search of creative accessories for their own pups.

Amanda and her team focus on creating quality pieces, all of which are tested. Each item is specially designed for all-day wearability and comfort. Items are available in a range of sizes to fit just about any size dog. Although most of the customers are dogs, Cheerful Hound products have also been worn by cats, as well as rabbits. The adorable accessories are primarily sold on the Cheerful Hound website. They are also available at select in-person markets and events. This year, Amanda began selling to small pet retailers as well. This includes small pet shops, grooming salons, and dog bakeries. Luckily for dog owners, Cheerful Hound can now be found at small pet retailers from coast to coast.

Branded pet packaging

Cheerful Hound Dog Bow Ties

Amanda feels that custom printed packaging helps to showcase the exceptional quality of the Cheerful Hound products. She found Corcoran Printing online when searching for pet product packaging. Because of their experience with branded pet packaging and other custom pet packaging, as well as their reviews, she reached out to learn more. Amanda loves the impact that branded packaging makes when her products are on display. “When customers see items in our custom packaging, it makes a great impression of a quality, professional brand they can trust.”

Corcoran Printing has helped produce different types of custom printed pet packaging for the Cheerful Hound brand.  Custom dog bow tie cards, collar flower cards, pet bandana wraps, and circle hang tags for dog collars and leashes have all been custom printed. All are printed, and die-cut using high-quality paper.

“Die-cut printing was a new process for me, and Corcoran Printing was incredibly helpful with providing recommendations on paper types, guidance on file preparation, and proofs prior to the final order,” Amanda added. “From the initial email to the final pet product packaging, it was an excellent experience.”

Supporting pet shelters

Cheerful Hound Collar Flowers

Since 2014, Amanda has been doing fundraising and volunteering with local dog rescues. In 2017, she began volunteering at a local dog shelter. She saw first-hand how hard people in shelters work to give each dog a better life. Cheerful Hound has enabled Amanda to connect with dog rescues and give back to the dog community that does so much to help pups in need. She started the Cheerful Hound Rescue of the Month Program in January 2020. A different rescue is selected each month to receive 10% of Cheerful Hound’s sales for the month. Nominations for different dog rescues in Ohio and across the U.S. are welcome on their website.  Some of the rescues that have been chosen include Friends of the Shelter, Rico Pet Recovery, Three Pits and a Lady, Must Love Corsos Rescue, and R.E.A.L Rottweiler Rescue, to name a few.

The Cheerful team 

Although Amanda is the sole owner of Cheerful Hound, she said her very own “cheerful hound” Toby is a big part of the business. He supervises prep of materials for production, greets the sewing team, tests and models products. He also snoozes at Amanda’s feet while she works. Toby’s likeness was also the inspiration for the Cheerful Hound logo. In addition to Toby and her sewing team, Amanda credits her husband Ben for his ongoing support and help with events and packaging.

Brand marketing

Cheerful Hound Dog Bandanas

In addition to custom pet packaging, Cheerful Hound spreads the word about products through social media, email marketing, blogging, networking, their presence at local markets and events, and their Rescue of the Month promotion. They also have an Insiders Club which enables customers to stay connected to the brand and enjoy special tips to make the most of their time with their dog. Insiders are also informed of new releases, trends, and special offers, which keeps them engaged and increases repeat business. As an insider who has provided their dog’s birthday information, they will also receive a special coupon code to help purchase doggie birthday gifts.  Tap here to join the insider pack.  

Branded pet packaging reflective of a quality brand

Quality is a top priority for the Cheerful Hound brand. It is apparent in all of their specially designed dog accessories. Quality pet packaging has helped them to shine a brighter light on their brand and better showcase their exclusive products. If you want to put a smile on your dog’s face and the faces of others he or she sees, accessorize with a delightful design from Cheerful Hound.  You’ll find a few products on the site for humans as well. Tap here to learn more about Corcoran Printing’s pet product packaging expertise.


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