Custom accessory tags enhance brand experience

Custom accessory tags are an ideal way to style your brand and enhance branding across a multitude of products. Printed hang tags can provide branded packaging for everything from jewelry and accessories to toys, pet products, clothing, food, and more. Custom hang tags should be as unique as your products yet link together all products in your brand.

Printed hanging tags can be customized to be truly exclusive to each product line while still reflecting a brand. Custom packaging should reflect great quality and value. It speaks directly to the standards of your brand and can help sway a purchase decision. After all, many consumers feel that high-quality packaging is an indicator of product quality.

Accentuate products with custom printed hang tags 

From toy manufacturers to jewelry designers and specialty food companies, many exclusive brands have discovered the power of custom accessory tags. They can help give your product and brand a style and look all it’s own. A well-designed custom tag will also help to attract a customer to your product. In addition, they can be used to provide useful information and pricing or as a branded keepsake of a notable product or collector’s item.

Hang tags and accessory tags can provide the space needed for product information or marketing messages. A printed bottle neck tag, clothing tag, or jewelry card can also help promote a product line or cross-sell other products. Share key details, incorporate offers, and supply necessary product information on a custom printed hang tag.

Use a printer with Die Cut and foil stamp expertise for a truly unique hang tag

Die-cut printing is a must in achieving an exclusive look for a truly noteworthy custom accessory tag. Custom dies can help create a hang tag in any shape and size, including folded hang tags. For a more polished look for more exclusive products and brands, metallic foil stamping and embossing are a must. It’s ideal for upscale brands, shimmering jewelry lines, and specialty products.

A well-designed custom accessory tag can help you engage your audience with its front and center approach to packaging. Hang tags are also very versatile for a variety of product markets. Custom printed hang tags work well for:

  • Alcohol, wine, and beverage bottle neck hang tags
  • Specialty food product hangtags
  • Health and beauty product hangtags
  • Jewelry hang tags and earring cards
  • Custom toymaker accessory tags 

Attract, inform, and connect with customers 

Printed packaging plays a big part in creating a quality customer experience. Custom accessory tags should contain all of the important elements of your brand. This includes a logo, special fonts, and brand colors. Hang tags can serve as a useful and creative marketing tool. Don’t miss out on this important opportunity to connect with your customers and promote brand awareness. Here is just a sampling of specialty print packaging, hang tags, and more for products and brands:

  • Printed accessory tags
  • Foil stamped jewelry tags
  • Custom printed hang tag
  • Custom clothing tag
  • Swing tags
  • Custom accessory tags
  • Branded accessory tags
  • Custom toy tags
  • Garment tags
  • Fashion tags
  • Die-cut hang tags
  • Specialty food tags
  • Bottleneck hang tags
  • Fold over tags
  • Branded retail cards & mini folders

Ordering custom accessory tags 

Branded packaging and printed hang tags can be a point of difference in a competitive retail market. Customization is key when ordering professionally printed hang tags. At Corcoran Printing, foil stamping and embossing, hang tag printing, and custom accessory tags are our specialties. Branded hang tags can help make for a better customer experience. We are here to guide you through the entire print process.

Would you like your packaging and custom hang tags to reflect the quality of your products? Let Corcoran Printing help you make a winning impression with custom accessory tags and custom printed hang tags. We stay on the cutting-edge of technology when it comes to foil stamp specialty print, printed packaging, and custom hang tags.

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