Digital clear varnish technology new at Corcoran Printing

Print customers can now get digital clear varnish technology and more digital print capability at Corcoran Printing. Through new technology, the Wilkes-Barre printer can also digitally print white ink on a dark paper. Corcoran Printing has been providing customers with quality printed pieces for more than 75 years. The new Heidelberg Versafire CV features innovative laser technology. This results in very high-resolution images. Furthermore, Corcoran Printing can print digitally at faster speeds than ever before. Versafire CV has a maximum speed of printing up to 90 letter pages per minute. Printed pieces are produced digitally with superb quality. Most noteworthy, this is currently the only digital printing press in its class to print white or varnish as a full area or spot color.

Digital clear varnish technology

Corcoran Printing’s newest Heidelberg press prints in full color. It can also incorporate an additional spot varnish. All done digitally, this allows for smaller print quantities. Clear gloss varnish can fully coat an image or just specific parts to be highlighted. Digital clear varnish technology will help to produce sleek and sophisticated printed marketing pieces.

White ink printed on dark paper stock

Digital print customers can now market with designs that incorporate white ink printed directly on a dark stock. This is a very popular option for chic looking business cards. White ink on dark paper is also ideal for elegant printed packaging . This includes items such as jewelry cards and printed jewelry tags. Corcoran Printing did not have this capability digitally prior to the investment in the Heidelberg Versafire CV.

Printing on larger and thicker paper stocks

Corcoran Printing’s new press will also allow for digital print on larger paper formats and thicker stock. More packaging materials can now be printed digitally. The digital printing of thicker business cards and other printed promotional items is possible as well. The press prints larger formats, with digital sheet size capability now 12.99 X 27.55. This is especially relevant as it enables posters and six-page signatures to be produced more cost effectively in shorter runs.

Optimized print sharpness

Unrivaled print clarity is a feature of Corcoran Printing’s new press. 1,200 X 4,800 dpi lasers and ultra-fine toner particles produce ultra-sharp images and text. Gradations are smoother and hairlines are thinner and more detailed.

Digitally printed products

Many items can be printed on the new Versafire CV at Corcoran Printing. Take advantage of the new digital clear varnish technology for these products and more:

  • Thick business cards printed with white on dark or a spot varnish.
  • Digitally printed packaging, including printed candle tags, printed jewelry cards and jewelry tags, printed clothing tags and clothing labels.
  • Digital printed program booklets
  • Printed short run brochures
  • Digital printed mailer inserts
  • Printed labels
  • Digitally printed posters
  • Digitally printed flyers
  • Printed note cards
  • Thank you cards
  • Printed stationery

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