United Way targets donors via redesigned brochure

In an effort to reach a greater number of consumers and tap additional donors across the nation, the United Way has launched a brochure printing campaign, leveraging the services of KMK Media Group to get the job done.

The latest brochure benefits the United Way of Rock River Valley and lays out the nonprofit organizations future goals and the steps that it will take to complete its missions. The company will share its brochure with regional contributors and other organizations that support the United Way.

Nonprofit organizations particularly benefit from targeting donors with direct mail initiatives, according to a recent survey conducted by BlackBaud. By leveraging print materials, nonprofits can maximize the value of current donors and boost their retention rate. Additionally, most donors give directly through the mail.

However, a firm would be wise to approach any marketing initiatives with a multichannel approach, leveraging both traditional and digital tactics to target consumers across all platforms and across a variety of touchpoints.