Direct mail that is light and slim is more likely to be read

When creating printing and mailing sales literature, especially brochures, it is essential for small businesses to think skinny.

Why exactly should companies slim down their print marketing materials? Because if business owners stopped to observe how they sort and open their mail, they would realize that heavy pieces, such as magazines and packages of literature, get set aside to be read later, if at all, Eric Kunin explains in an article for Inc. magazine.

According to Kunin, recipients generally read simple and quick mail right away. Materials that look time consuming will likely be saved for a later time, meaning that your business could be missing out on a profitable business opportunity.

“Send a minimum amount of literature early in the sale … Save the comprehensive literature kit for your in-person meeting or for a later stage when the prospect has invested time in you and has more motivation to fully read it,” Kunin writes.

A great way to present a lot of information in a lightweight fashion is through a brochure. Designed to give recipient’s an introduction to the business, brochures can pique interest without overwhelming.