The differences in B2B and B2C direct mail marketing campaigns

Targeting a business with a direct mail marketing campaign is different from efforts that aims to draw in consumers an households. Therefore, marketers must examine their business-to-business tactics differently than they would a business-to-consumer campaign and design their efforts accordingly.

Direct Marketing reports that marketers must first examine their approach, understanding that it may be unlikely that they will reach the top decision maker directly. Rather, they are more likely to reach a junior staff member who is responsible for gathering information. Furthermore, messages should be more formal than they would be in a business-to-consumer campaign.

No matter the target audience, it is never advised that a marketer send out messages blindly with a “junk mail” approach. According to research conducted by authors of “What Sticks,” Rex Briggs and Greg Stuart, $112 billion in advertising is wasted every year, Direct Magazine reported. Additionally, Edelman Financial Services finds that just 22 percent of people find advertising to be credible, indicating that marketers must carefully calculate their approaches.