Trader Joe’s connects with consumers via brochure printing campaign

In an effort to stay engaged with its consumers, Trader Joe’s relies on two primary modes of communication: a monthly brochure printing campaign and radio advertisements.

It sends out its Fearless Flyer on a monthly basis to consumers, Business Insider wrote for the source. The 20-page brochure features stories about the grocery store’s products, images, information, quotes and a shopping guide that customers are encouraged to cut out and bring with them to remember what they need to purchase.

“[Trader Joe’s Fearless Flyer is] the kind of brochure that you hang onto rather than file away in the circular recycling bin,” Denise Lee Yohn wrote for the source.

In a multichannel approach to reaching its consumers, Trader Joe’s also targets consumers with radio ads. The ads feature its CEO Dan Bane and employees discussing the store’s products.

A multichannel marketing approach is an advised approach, especially in today’s society where consumers are hit at a variety of touch points. Despite the effect of digital marketing, print still is a heavy hitter in terms of impact on the average consumer.