Study suggests direct mail leads to increased consumer engagement

A recent study suggested that one of the best ways for businesses to increase the number of customers they have is by creating a printed direct mail marketing campaign.

The study, conducted by U.K.-based GI Insight found 47 percent of consumers said they had been encouraged to visit a firm’s website as a result of receiving a direct mail, and 53 percent of people aged 18 to 24 said that something received in the mail had prompted their visit to a business’ site.

“The report highlights that the U.K. customer journey from marketing communication to in-store or website purchase is anything but linear,” said Andy Wood, a general manager at GI Insight, in an interview with Internet Retailing. “There may be a number of messages that influence the consumer’s behavior. Evidently, one of the real drivers of many purchases is the reminder – whether it is a piece of post set aside, or an email sent to reinforce a mailer.”

Many experts have been touting the value of printed material, such as custom pocket folders. According to the Direct Creative Blog, companies need to think about what type of information they want to highlight before designing a piece of advertising.