Professionals should include unusual elements on business cards

Networking is one of the best ways for business-to-business service and product providers to expand their list of contacts and potential clients. However, entrepreneurs meet so many individuals that it is unlikely that they will remember a name and face without any reminders.

This is where business cards come into play. Like other traditional marketing strategies, including printing and mailing, brochures and catalogs, business cards offer customers an in-hand reminder of what a company is all about and, as a result, must contain certain elements to catch and hold their attention.

Business owners should think about adding unique elements to their cards such as pictures, creating a vertical card or using a black background with white writing, rather than the other way around, the Globe and Mail writes.

If owners opt for including an image on their cards, they will want to consider color and size. Communications consultant Scott Ginsburg advised the source that cards with red tend to jump out, and if entrepreneurs do decide to use an image, it should take up at least a quarter of the total card space.

Once owners have designed their cards, they should make sure to have a few on hand at all times. You never know when a chance to network my arise.