Postal service re-signs 10-year deal for change of address guides

A Massachusetts company will continue its long association with the U.S. Postal Service, according to Post and Parcel News, which reported a decade-long extension in the agreement between the USPS and Imagitas.

As part of an integrated marketing campaign aimed at the 44 million Americans who change addresses every year, Post and Parcel reported, Imagitas produces a brochure with the correct USPS change of address form included, as well as an advertising-supported informational guide.

Imagitas senior vice president for strategic alliances Tamara Dukes told the postal news publication that there are huge upsides for the advertisers who participate in the program.

"Companies want to be in contact with you after you've moved, but it's a time when consumers can drop off the face of the earth. We bridge that gap," she said.

Particularly for companies that include a print component in their integrated marketing services, keeping up-to-date street addresses for consumers is critically important, experts say. The customization and personalization services available from modern print marketing services depend on this.