Going green no problem for print marketing industry

Printing and mailing improvements made to the direct mail industry and associated upgrades have deservedly placed print marketing alongside its digital equivalents, said one author specializing in the field.

Digital technology has fed much of the advances in print marketing, Heidi Tolliver-Nigro said during a recent interview with WhatTheyThink, a graphic design blog. The improved flexibility and customizability offered by digital technology – for example, personalization on each one of a huge series of letters – is also a green benefit, allowing print marketing professionals to scale down their paper use and target only those most interested in their products.

However, Tolliver-Nigro warned the blog, going green is a constantly evolving process, and it's easy to overlook new opportunities to cut costs and shrink one's environmental input if close attention isn't paid to advancing technology and innovation.

Other authorities on the subject say the improvements offered to print marketing by digital are also to be found in integrated campaigns, taking advantage of the strong synergy offered by the combination of the two products.