Newsletters must be unique to reach valuable customers

Newsletters are an effective printing and mailing strategy that small businesses can use to provide loyal customers with updates on products and services, company news and even special deals.

However, there are a few ways that companies can make it more likely for consumers to read their direct mail piece. First, a newsletter must be unique. According to Michele Pepe-Warren for Information Week, this does not mean it needs to feature gimmicks or tricks.

“It’s all about creating a personal touch. A few ideas: Include a snapshot from your office; incorporate a video message from your staff; put in a link to an entertaining website. Don’t be afraid to show your company’s personality,” Pepe-Warren suggests.

To be unique in a way that still appeals to consumers, however, businesses will need to know and understand their readers. What connections can be established between a company and consumers? What is interesting to them?

If a small business is looking to add newsletters to its marketing mix, they want to consider saturation mailing, which allows companies to target a wide swath of consumers by zip code.