The do’s of direct mail marketing

While many businesses still employ standard direct mail materials such as mailers, brochures and flyers, another segment of entrepreneurs have begun to use marketing pieces that are a bit catchier.

For example, in a recent article for B2C Marketing Insider, Drew McLellan discusses the effectiveness of 3-D direct mail by examining some of the do’s of this channel.

First, businesses must address pieces to the appropriate individual, spelling his or her name correctly and using the right “version” of their name. “My full name is Andrew but no one calls me that. I know that you don’t have a clue who I am if the label says Andrew McLellan instead of Drew McLellan,” explains McLellan.

Furthermore, businesses should make sure that what’s in the package or mailing ties into the company’s overall message and brand. Just throwing in a random product to make the envelope seem bulky and catch readers’ attention won’t work. The piece needs to make sense as a whole.

Lastly, an effective direct mail piece will tell recipients what their next move will be. How should consumers contact a company? Where can they find its products?