Luxury Printed Products for Dubai and the World

Dubai is the epitome of luxury. A playground for the rich and famous and a high-end shopping destination filled with famous fashion brands, gorgeous jewelry, and more. Dubai’s iconic skyline is a stunning backdrop to a beautiful beach. Depictive of the luxury and wealth of the area. An opulent destination such as this, filled with posh businesses, needs highly customized printed packaging and other luxury printed products. Corcoran Printing specializes in high-end print. This includes foil stamping and embossing, for the world’s premier destinations and businesses.

Luxury Printed Products September Sapphire earring display card packaging sample.

  • Luxury business cards
  • Foil embossed cigar bands
  • Luxury cigar rings
  • Custom-printed luxury packaging
  • Gold foil postcards
  • High-end printed brochures
  • Custom printed cosmetic packaging
  • Foil printed jewelry tags
  • Custom jewelry packaging
  • Custom-printed fashion tags
  • Specialty foil print

High-end print that makes a statement 

Professionally printed luxury packaging and other high-end printed products can make a strong and lasting impression. An elegant foil-edged business card or upscale retail packaging can speak volumes about the quality of a brand. Consider your audience and exceed their expectations with a truly luxurious experience, down to every small print detail. It can further add to the intrigue and attraction of dazzling destinations that are filled with glamourous businesses and opulent hotels.

Specialty print effect for specialty products

Metallic foil print and embossing can give any printed piece a more sophisticated look. Shiny gold foil print can really jump out against a black or dark-colored background to get immediate attention. Foil print has become popular for high-end brands from cigar manufacturers to luxury beauty products, fashion, and jewelry. In addition, embossing, or a raised surface, adds even another dimension to printed business cards and upscale retail packaging. It gives added depth. Furthermore, when used in conjunction with foil stamping, it exudes elegance. High-end consumers want to see sophistication in print and packaging for luxury brands. Corcoran Printing is here to provide it.

Classy business cards for classy businesses 

Well-executed and professionally printed business cards stand out when it comes to building brand image and showcasing luxury. Gold foil edging, embossing, debossing, detailed die-cut shapes, and double thickness can help make a spectacular first impression. Choose a business card design and specialty print that’s as distinct as your brand. Clearly, premium business cards can play an important role for many exclusive brands, from luxury real estate in exotic destinations to sophisticated business professionals.

Cigar Band Body Sample 5Foil printed cigar bands 

Nothing screams luxury like a premium cigar with a one-of-a-kind custom foil embossed cigar band. Luxury cigar label bands are fitting of the most discerning clientele worldwide. Custom cigar rings can help distinguish a brand and ensure a lavish appearance. Multiple techniques, from full-color print and intricate die-cutting to gold foil stamping and multi-layer embossing, can all add a more luxurious finish to any custom cigar band.

Luxury jewelry cards & clothing tags 

Custom printed jewelry cards, jewelry hang tags, and other custom jewelry packaging is must-have for lavish jewelry brands in Dubai and across the globe. High fashion clothing as well, needs clothing tags fitting of their exclusive designer brands. You will find the highest quality printed hang tags and jewelry cards have been produced at Corcoran Printing.

Premium luxury printed products for premium brands 

If you think printed packaging and other luxury printed products have no impact on a brand, think again. Custom printed packaging and other printed marketing pieces can act as an introduction to a special product. How can your business or brand be best represented through quality print? The first step is to select an experienced printer with the technology needed to produce high-end printed pieces. Contact the professionals at Corcoran Printing today.

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