Fragrance packaging worthy of the Zaharoff name

We met George Zaharoff when he hired Corcoran Printing to help produce foil embossed fragrance packaging. He inherited his creative edge from his mother Mariana, a famed fashion designer who began her career working in the basement of her Chicago home. She took the fashion world by storm, earning praise for her designs in London, Paris, Milan, Athens, and around the globe. She also earned several nominations for the Coty American Fashion Critics’ Awards and 45 of her designs can be found at the Chicago History Museum.

“I grew up surrounded by colorful bolts of fabric and the activity of a successful fashion business,” George said. “My mom has definitely had the most influence on my creativity and who I am today.”

That speaks volumes, as George is a renowned entrepreneur with a highly prized fragrance line that launched in the 1990s and a line of a tailored suit launched in the 2000s. He began his career in fashion, but soon began collaborating with a perfumer and in 1997 he launched his first perfume, Zaharoff Pour Femme. The fragrance became a huge success in Bergdorf Goodmans and Neiman Marcus locations. By the time he launched Zaharoff Pour Homme in 1999, his brand was selling in 150 stores worldwide. George also developed a loyal following for his impeccably tailored men’s suits, and by 2015, Zaharoff’s men’s clothing, featured at Nordstrom, averaged sales in the millions. In 2018, Zaharoff returned to the men’s fragrance market with the launch of Zaharoff Signature Pour Homme. George always knew the importance of fragrance packaging to his brand.

The Zaharoff Men’s Fragrance Collection 

George’s aim continues to be to create a collection of sophisticated and distinct fragrances designed to reflect the natural essence of products found around the globe. Always focused on the environment, the company promotes eco-forestry and sustainable sourcing and procurement.


Much of George’s inspiration comes from his world travels. “Diana Vreeland, a fashion columnist/editor said back in the day, ‘the eye has to see!’ Meaning to be creative and inspired, one has to be around life, experiences, etc.,” George said. “That is how I live my life. I must constantly be out there, constantly be inspired. I have traveled to more than 105 countries, and I draw from those journeys both past and present.”

George said he creates his fragrances for a larger vision. “While some create for the love of mixing oils, for me, Zaharoff is about creating for experiences and taking a person on a journey.” As an example of his focus, Zaharoff Signature Pour Homme was created by farmers and artisans from all over the world. He gave it the moniker “Elixir of the World,” because the world was his inspiration – people of different backgrounds, colors, creeds, languages, etc.

A Sampling of the Zaharoff fragrance line includes

  • Zaharoff Signature Pour Homme
  • Zaharoff Signature NOIR
  • Zaharoff Signature ROYALE
  • Zaharoff Signature TABAC
  • Zaharoff Signature ROYALE X

The fragrance notes for each of the products read like a travel journal from around the world with a mix of scents such as cypress from Spain, ginger root from India, sandalwood from Australia, and lavender from Italy among so many others.

Zaharoff fragrances are sold individually or together in packs and travel sets. In collaboration with other creators, Zaharoff is adding Shave Sets by Gentleman’s Nod to its product line. Shave lotions and grooming oils will be added to the collection as well. In addition to their website, products can be found in the U.S. in Nordstrom and D’or Prestige. 

A collaboration resulting in special fragrance packaging for unique products 

When fragrances are this special and well thought out, only the finest printed packaging will do. While creating the soon-to-be-launched TABAC for the Zaharoff men’s fragrance line, George had the idea of putting a cigar band ring on the bottle. He began a packaging collaboration with Corcoran Printing, a specialty packaging printer. He chose Corcoran because of its expertise in fragrance and small packaging print, as well as cigar band print. Corcoran printed specialty bottle neck rings for Zaharoff fragrance bottles as well as fragrance bottle labels and printed fragrance box plaques. George said he is extremely happy he found Corcoran Printing to help make his packing vision for the new line a reality. The result was a stunning custom printed gold foil embossed and debossed design on a black label. Signature printed fragrance packaging for the exclusive Zaharoff brand.

What’s on the horizon for Zaharoff? 

Business for Zaharoff has been growing at a fast pace, doubling every year. George mentioned he is now focusing on slowly growing outside of the United States as well as continuing his growth strategy for the states. Zaharoff recently moved half of their production to France for ease of shipping to perfumeries within Europe and Russia. The other half of their production will remain in the United States in Chicago where George was raised.

Fragrance & Print

Learn more about George Zaharoff and the Zaharoff collection at Tap to learn more about Corcoran Printing’s printed retail packaging capabilities, cigar ring printing expertise, and foil stamping and embossing.