Keep direct mail and online marketing messages consistent

Direct mail marketing is an often misunderstood tactic that, if approached properly, still proves to stand up against digital marketing efforts. The problem with the channel, and the reason that is often receives so much flack, is because it is generally approached in the wrong manner.

Marketers should approach their direct mail marketing campaign while simultaneously engaging in online efforts, ensuring that messages on both platforms sound the same.

“If you are tweeting to people and then you decide to send that same audience a direct mail piece, how can you let them know that you’re the same company?” Margie Clayman wrote for Business 2 Community. “That you value their relationships just as you indicate online?”

Clayman advises that a company’s message stay consistent. Additionally, it is important that a businesses’ direct mail strategy is out of the box, to ensure customers actual engage with the marketing rather than toss it in the trash along with the other junk mail.