Emotion is key element to attractive graphic design

Consumers are a visual breed. We are attracted by people, products and pictures that are pretty, interesting or shocking. The graphic designer’s challenge, then, when creating a poster printing campaign is to make his or her clients’ work standout.

Before a passerby will even take the time to read the content on a poster – or any other print material for that matter – they must actually notice it.

“The skill of the graphic designer is in transforming the communication goal of a product, company or campaign, into a ‘superttractive’ visual, emotional and informative message,” Damon Freeman writes on the website BizCommunity.

However, while all three of these elements are important, Freeman notes emotion to be the most critical attribute of any design. He explains that things are attractive because of the emotions they provoke in people, whether that is lust, love, happiness, anger or jealousy.

As a result, businesses should make sure that when they look to hire a graphic designer, they choose someone who intimately understands their product and how customers interact with it.